VW T-5 Headunit Upgrade Guide


Where to start?!  VW T-5 Headunit Upgrade Guide I think this article has been a long time coming. This is aimed at current and prospective VW Transporter owners. We have experienced a massive surge in the last few years of prospective and current Transporter owners looking to upgrade their headunit and have done eventually. The standard offering by VW is rather… Read more »

New Universal Fit XTC17.2CF Speakers


In Phase XTC17.2CF Universal Fit Speakers Land at Car Audio Centre After months of development, COVID and Brexit delays, the In Phase XTC17.2CF speakers have landed with us. Offering premium quality without breaking the bank. These speakers can be installed in over 300 different models of vehicles. The high-strength bracket supplied is built to last from special thermoplastics. So you don’t… Read more »

Differences between our head Units


With so many head units to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. Read our guide to understand the key differences between our head units. Differences Between Our Head Units Over the past few months, the SPH-DA230DAB, SPH-DA250DAB, SPH-DA130DAB and the DMX5020DAB have become very popular products among our customers. However, we frequently get asked… Read more »

Top 5 Features of The DMX5020DABS


As the majority of people in the United Kingdom are currently in lockdown and are only allowed to leave their houses for essential reasons, why not consider using your spare time wisely by treating yourself (and your car) to a brand new head unit! With the modernisation of in-car connectivity currently on the rise there are many reasons as to why… Read more »

DAB Radio, to be standard for new cars?


New cars that are sold from December 2020 must be fitted with a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) compatible radio, according to new legislation. This means, the UK is compliant with European Electronic Communications Code Directive, which was originally introduced by the European Union. Only five percent of all new cars do not have DAB. As a result of this, DAB… Read more »

Installations COVID-19 Update


Installations COVID-19 Update! Just to let you keen Audioheads an update, our stores are booking installations. Please be aware, we will be following government advice and maintaining certain measures. Please get in touch with our stores for installation queries and more info!I Car Audio Centre Ilford- 0208 599 2368 ilford@caraudiocentre.co.uk 743-745 Eastern Ave, Newbury Park, IG2 7RS Car Audio Centre Tooting- 0208 971 9181… Read more »

WiFi Stereos…Useful? Or a Battery Draining, Data Eating Gimmick?


WiFi Stereos…Useful? Or a Battery Draining, Data Eating Gimmick? In the last year, Pioneer and Kenwood have locked horns over the battleground for Wireless connectivity, whether it be Apple Car Play or Android Auto. Both brands offering a Navigation option with WiFi. These examples have proven very popular, but is the WiFi feature really worth it? Using your phone as a… Read more »

BMW Audio Upgrade Recommendations


  BMW Audio Upgrade Intro If you’re a lover of music, you will want to FEEL your music, not just hear it. The BMW later models have similar sound systems. Normally, there is a pair of 6″ woofers under the front seats and 4″ mids in the doors. Sometimes, there is 4″ mids in the rear. (this depends on the… Read more »