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Pioneer NavGate – The first hybrid navigation system that combines the power of an in-dash device with the convenience of a portable system.

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Coming soon: The first hybrid navigation system that combines the power of an in-dash device with the convenience of a portable system.

The NavGate AVIC-F500BT lets you add fast, accurate and reliable navigation features and extended entertainment options to your car without having to change your existing audio system.

Designed to integrate with virtually any factory audio system, NavGate “sits” on your dashboard, relaying route guidance, phone conversations and audio through your car speakers, acting as a gateway to bring you:

  • Reliable, accurate navigation with traffic alerts (TMC)
  • Bluetooth compatibility to give you wireless, safe phone use whilst driving
  • A complete entertainment hub with iPod, USB and SD-card compatibility
  • Increased safety with voice guidance and Text-To-Speech support

The system will be available throughout Europe in the Spring.

Wrightspeed SR-71 electric car will do 0-60 in 2.5 seconds

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Remember when the Wrightspeed X1 electric car beat both a Ferrari 360 Spyder and Porsche Carrera GT off the line? Well, ex-Cisco and DEC engineer Ian Wright is back with his SR-71 that he says will do 0-60 in a brain-numbing 2.5 seconds. The new electric speed dart should show up in about 18 months and could even get a street-legal version in 36 months. That’s a long time to wait, sure, but a faster-than-Bugatti EV at a fraction of the cost could just be worth it.

Sanyo add SSDs into in-car navigation systems

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

If you’ve ran smack into any flavor of foreign object while waiting impatiently for your navigator to “recalculate,” you’ll likely be salivating for Sanyo’s latest duo. The NVA-MS1280DT and NVA-MS1180DT each feature a 4GB SSD drive (though the former adds a 4GB SD card and DVD support), a 7-inch QVGA display, 43-watt x 4 internal amplifier, MP3 / WMA / AAC playback, a 1-seg TV tuner, 3D maps, FM tuner and iPod support. In all seriousness, the SSD is bundled in not so much for its speed, but for its reliability — either way, we can’t help but be enamored. Both units are slated to land in June for ¥181,650 and ¥155,400, respectively, so it’s fairly easy to see those solid state discs aren’t being thrown in gratis.

NICE shows off prototype electric car, plains electric Range Rover!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Some interesting electric car developments went down in England recently – Liberty Electric Cars announced plans to convert “tens of thousands” cars and SUVs to electric operation, starting with the Range Rover, and NICE previewed a scissor-door concept it’ll be showing at the London Auto Show. Liberty’s pumping £30M into a new factory that will start converting Range Rovers to electric vehicles using a “state-of-the-art” drivetrain good for 200 miles on a single charge. You’ll have to pay for the privilege, though — pricing is expected to run between £95,000 and £125,000.

Similarly, another UK company No Internal Combustion Engine (NICE, very cute) is previewing an all-electric sports car that it plans to show off at the London Auto Show in July. Although it’s just a prototype, the company says that it hints at a future production model. Details are pretty light, but here’s hoping those hot scissor doors make in into production.

Bang & Olufsen bring the new Audi Q5 to life…

Friday, May 23rd, 2008

Bang & Olufsen have built & designed a top quality sound system for the brand new Audi Q5, the critically acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Sound System boasts massive spec & a sound quality to match even the most customised SQ setup out there.

Features include:

  • 14 loudspeakers, 10 amplifier channels and a total output power of more than 500 watts, the Bang & Olufsen Sound System offers a unique combination of renowned sound quality and high output power.
  • Through numerous hours of music listening and sound tuning, Bang & Olufsen sound designers have fashioned an outstanding soundstage that matches the acoustic signature of the Audi Q5 perfectly.
  • Bang & Olufsen True Image™ Digital Signal Processing turns 2-channel stereo signals into perfect 7.1-channel surround sound.
  • Bang & Olufsen True Image™ Digital Signal Processing also optimises multichannel formats such as DVD-Audio into 7.1 channels for vehicle playback.
  • Sound can be optimized according to the number of people in the car and their position.
  • The system uses a microphone integrated in the ceiling of the cockpit, and automatically adapts the volume and equalizing to changing noise conditions.
  • The Bang & Olufsen Sound System is completely integrated with the multi media user interface (MMI) in the Audi Q5.

Jens Peter Zinck, MD of Bang & Olufsen Automotive

“By seamlessly integrating a unique sound system into the Audi Q5, Bang & Olufsen is not only giving drivers and passengers an exceptional sound experience, but also pleasing all their other senses through the strongest possible commitment to performance, design, craftsmanship and user-friendliness”

“Being a mid-size luxury SUV, the Audi Q5 is an exciting addition to Audi’s product range, and one that Bang & Olufsen is proud to add an extra dimension to. The formidable performance and sleek design of the sound system is the perfect match for the pure thrill of the athletic and muscular Audi Q5″

Alpine Set Sail at CES!

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Alpine’s obsession with building a mental demo vehicles has continued, previous builds include Sinister 6, that chopped Mini Cooper, and last year’s Imprint RLS. This year they went all out, building a fully pimped ski boat and tow vehicle to promote their new Marine line.

This one-of-a-kind boat started life as a battered 25-foot 1994 Commander V-bottom, and was crafted into a custom ski boat ready to make it’s own waves!

Alpine’s guys carved new, and re-molded the factory lines, straightening the fiberglass shell into quite simply something else!The boat ended uplooking 10 times better than when it left its factory in the first place! The team modified the intakes and completely revamped the interior from scratch.

The boat apparently took up 4000 hours of work and took about 5 months to complete. The guys mad enough to take on this mammoth task were Steve Brown, Gary Bell, and Brent Davison – Rather tham than me!

This build is just too mad for words – Happy Sailing!

OQO 02 gets official Garmin GPS accessory

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

We’ve always wondered exactly what people were supposed to use UMPCs for, and now we have at least one answer: as GPS units. Yep, that’s right: OQO and Garmin have released an official kit to turn your £1,000 OQO 02 into a £200 Garmin GPS unit. For £150. No, we have no idea who would buy this, but if you’re feeling like throwing some bills around, you’ll find a Garmin Mobile PC unit, car mount, and power adapter in the box, as well as a small note from us with an address you can send your additional silly money to for proper disposal.

PS. – Yes, we know you can also buy the Garmin adapter for £50 and the mount for £25, but it’s the ridiculous bundle pricing that’s got us all hot and bothered.

ATX proposes .car TLD for expected influx of in-car internet users

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

With the ability to surf the web in-car inevitably coming to more and more motorcars, ATX Group, the self-proclaimed “largest independent telematics services provider to the automotive industry,” has announced an initiative with the Connected Vehicle Trade Association to “convene an international work group to address how to safely access internet content through embedded and nomadic devices in vehicles.” Aside from that, it’s also proposing a generic top-level domain — .car — that would presumably dumb down websites for use in the vehicle. Of course, you won’t find us cheering on a movement to generate yet another worthless TLD, but we’d certainly be down with text-to-speech software that read the latest gadget headlines (just an example, is all) aloud as you cruised the freeway.

Demo Van on tour

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Our Demo Van will be touring the local cruises in Northern Ireland until the end of June to promote our new store at Boucher Plaza on the Boucher Road, Belfast.

We will be taking pics of the local talent (the cars obviously! Yea right!) and posting these to our news section, and some may even make a magazine or two.

For your chance to be on the web or in a mag, have your pic taken with our van, be silly , be sexy, but don’t hurt the van!

London To Get Smart-Arse Sat-Navs

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Driving in London is already a pain in the behind but it could become even more so as new sat-nav technology is being tested that will tell drivers to slow down if they are going too fast.

Transport For London (TfL) has developed an intelligent map of London that sat-navs tap into and then proceed to tell you when you are driving too fast. Even worse, they are about to trial a more restrictive version of the Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) system that actually takes the decision out of your hands by reducing acceleration if it detects you going to fast in a particular area. Ten TfL vans and cars have been fitted with this version for testing. Read the rest of this entry »