The essential guide to in-car subwoofers

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Choosing what subwoofers to outfit your car with is a decision with more moving parts than you would think – figuratively and literally. Here is a brief guide to hopefully tell you what you need to know the most when choosing a subwoofer kit for your vehicle.

What type of sub

Subwoofers don’t just come in ‘loud’. There is a vast array of different types of sub to consider. If you want a small bass boost without the status that comes with having big subs on display, you can purchase component subwoofers that come without an enclosure. If you have the money, you have one designed to your own parameters. There are types of power subwoofers that hold the components in an enclosed space, handy to sneak into a corner, but they won’t produce a big sound.

What specs are important to you

If massive bass is your thing, you want a powerful sub with a lot of room in the case. If you want to play low frequency tracks, you will need to invest in a speaker with a high frequency range. It’s usually a better idea to put dual voice coils in your system, to offer more choice when putting the system together.

Product reviews online

Learn to read product reviews extensively before making a decision on any product. You don’t want to invest time and money only for the system you choose to fail to meet your expectations.

Plan where to put it

Some enthusiasts are happier with a discreet system that will upgrade your bass without unduly changing the look of the car, or even want to install outrageously designed subs just for the sake of it. Purpose designed speakers often fit into your door, for example. These kinds of subwoofer often sacrifice sound quality for aesthetics.

Sellers of aftermarket parts and audio specialists are always happy to advise you on the best system for you. Don’t be shy to make an inquiry – after all, this is what we do.

How to turn your car into a cinema on wheels

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Tired of the classic radio? Was it the repetitive pop music, the auto-tuned vocals, the endless adverts or the DJ you want to punch? Have you finally exhausted your Aerosmith greatest hits? If your car journeys, particularly the longer ones, are starting to drag, you might want to invest in some more substantial in-car entertainment. Equipping your car with the hardware that qualifies it to be a cinema on wheels might sound like excess– but you definitely deserve it.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is acquire an upgraded sound system. Premium surround sound systems are a costly endeavour for motorists – a high end system such as a Bang & Olufsen will nearly always set you back at least £5,000. But once installed, when your car has the acoustic quality of the Royal Albert Hall’s interior, you might feel like it was worth it. More affordable sound systems are available for the budget spender.

Now consider the archetypal cinema experience. One of the main words to come to mind is comfort. You pay extra for premium seats, with legroom and space to relax. The seats you put in your mobile cinema are integral to that feeling of luxury. Obviously, we aren’t talking about the cinema seat that folds into itself when you stand up: rather, the type of seat where merely sitting in it is an experience in itself. Luxury leather and heated car seats are a must for a driver coveting the cinematic feel.

You can’t have a cinema without a screen. The best screens aren’t cheap, and the smartest systems are the ones that come with a mechanism that unfolds the screen at the press of a button. In-car TV systems vary in price from model to model and car to car so it’s important to know where you want to situate the screens, also.

Above all else, be safe out there, particularly when driving a cinema on wheels.

Cinema-Like Surround Sound System

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Everything now is about connecting and socialising – digitally.LG Surround Sound

But, I think we’ve slightly lost our way in the real world.

I’ve seen it too much. Faces buried deep into mobile phone interfaces, tap, and tap, clicking away – like fingers in ballerina shoes.

We’re very mobile – literally.

We’re always on the go, always on our phones,  iPad’s, tablets or anything else that keeps us from looking up, away from our devices.

That’s when I had an idea.

I proposed a movie night at mine.

I called all the friends round and the first thing I did, was to confiscate their phones! To be honest, I really just wanted to show off my new home cinema system! My dad has always been a big fan of surround sound; he says it adds value, quality, excitement and a ‘real-life’ feel to the movie.

I couldn’t agree more.

The surround sound system I had set up in my living room had really set a captivating atmosphere as we, at various points, reluctantly watched the horror movie, The Conjuring. We were clasping tightly onto each other as the sound from the system felt so surreal. The sound was equally distributed around the room, and we could really capture and experience every action and emotion in the movie.

The surround sound felt like a cinema at home. I had forgotten that I was supposed to be watching a movie ‘from the comfort of my home’; the features were so great that I felt like I was in the movie itself!

I could have paid those very high prices for a cinema ticket, to feel the same sort of experience but we were all surprised because we didn’t have to! So I guess I saved some money, and will continue to do so, not just for myself but all my friends too!

Even though everyone left, shook out of their skeletons,  I know we will definitely be spending more movie nights together and spending some quality time, without technological distraction. It was such an enjoyable experience!

I’ve asked my movie fanatic friend to put some movies on a USB or media device for next time because the surround sound allows you to watch movies stored on a digital media device via USB in 5.1 channel surround sound.

I can’t wait!

To view Car Audio Centres Surround Sound Sale, click here.

What to Look For When Choosing Car Speakers

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Car SpeakerThe quality of your speakers determines the ultimate quality of sound your system will produce. There are many types of speakers that you can choose from so it is good to know which one will be best suited to you and your requirements.

Single Speaker: Can reproduce the full range of sound but is probably not the best choice because if the speaker is too big it will fail to reproduce high frequencies and if it is too small it will struggle to reproduce low frequencies.

Multiple Speakers: These speakers will be individually designed specific to the sound frequency they are built to output. A tweeter is the speaker that will reproduce the high frequencies (usually above 2kHz).  They respond quickly because of their size and weight, they are small and lightweight – this also means that very little power is needed to make it function.

Woofers: Produce sound at frequencies below 250 Hz and in subwoofers below 100 Hz, because so much sound is being created the woofers require a lot of power to move air. The size of a woofer can range from 10” to 18” because of the large amounts of air they need to move.

The two main specifications that you should look out for when picking your speakers is sensitivity and power handling.


The sensitivity is a very important specification for a speaker, it measures the amount of sound a speaker yields when power is applied to it. It gives you a good indication of how loud a speaker will play with accordance to the input power. Most factory car stereo systems are low-powered so a high sensitivity rated speaker would fit best, whereas with high-powered systems, you should be looking for lower sensitivity speakers. Note also, if you are planning to run the speakers off the head unit you will need to find speakers with higher input sensitivities as head units don’t usually have much power.


Power handling is measured in watts and determines how much power a speaker can handle. This is mostly needed with systems that have powerful external amps and will require the power handling to be close to the output of the amps. For tweeters and midranges power handling is not as important because it doesn’t require much power for them to be played loudly. The key specification is the maximum RMS power handling, not the peak. The RMS will measure how much power the speaker can handle on a continuous basis and not just for a short period of time. Many manufacturers claim high power handling figures but this is based on short peaks.

You can always get in touch with Car Audio Centre for further advice, explaining what sort of outcome you want from your speakers.

Simply the BEST!! DB Audio TRex component System installed into a MG ZR

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Simply the BEST!! DB Audio TRex component System installed into a MG ZR

Some people wont settle for second best, so we installed the DB Audio Trex 6.1C competition speaker system. The never let us down with the un rivaled build quality and superior sound production, the are truely the best you can get and with the added bonus of In Phase Dead quiet sound deadening they sound superb,

DB Audio Trex6.2C fitted into a MG ZR at Car Audio Centre Tooting  

£4.99 Delivery all September!

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Skoda Octavia Dynaudio + heavy bass system

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Alex is a long time customer and recently bought a new Skoda Octavia VRS so we transferred his Dynaudio components and In Phase amplifiers/box from his old BMW 3er compact to the Octavia.

The Dynaudio components are run actively (without passive crossovers) to take benefit of the full processing power of his Pioneer DEH-P88RSII stereo, which offers auto EQ and Time Alignment for the ultimate in sound quality.

He’s running two IPX1200 amplifiers, one for mids and the other for his tweeters so the stereo can actively manage the crossover frequency/slope, phase and Time alignment for each driver individually-making it possible to alter the firing of each speaker so the sound from each driver arrives at the listener’s ears at the same time. The stereo’s 16 band (L/R independant) EQ allows for very fine adjustment to truely tailor the sound and can do this automatically or be adjusted to taste.

Alex originally started out with 1x In Phase PR210 enclosure, but as he is a bit of a “bass head” he decided he wanted more so up-graded from the IPX2400 amp he had been using for bass duties to the IPA2001D-200wrms of grunt and added another PR210!

The install went smoothly, but unfortunately I was busy and unable to document it all on camera, retaining the factory look by fitting the drivers in the stock locations. The midbass are in a very poor location-just by your behind (I’ve never found one with ears!) but fortunately the DEH-P88RSII’s processor manage to make the best of the drivers in even this awful location.

Here’s a pic of the boot install, we created a false floor to house the amplifiers under and mounted the subs ontop of this:

2x PR210, false floor, IPC2.4N

2x PR210, false floor, IPC2.4N

This system really surpassed our expectations, due to the poor location of the midbass drivers I really thought Alex would have to go back to a passive installation and add the Dynaudio MD142 and crossovers, but this install has put a huge smile on Alex’s face and I’m sure it will continue to do so for years to come!

BMW 1series Speaker Up-grade

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

BMW’s baby gets a pretty poor audio system from the factory, as do most of the range, so we’ve found the best solution for the following cars:

BMW 3 Series (E90,E91,E92) 2005>
BMW 1 Series Coupe (E82) 2007>
BMW 1 Series (E87,E88) 2004>

Other kits are available for other cars, please follow this link:


The system is designed and manufactured by a German company called Jehnert (J is pronounced as a Y). Unlike other upgrades for these cars this has been specifically designed for the vehicles, taking into account the vehicle’s acoustics and done without compromise.

Jehnert have a long history of making hi-end audio upgrades for German cars (though they do now cater for some Peugeots, Mazdas and Vauxhalls) and like all things German are built to the highest specification and with huge attention to detail and quality. The goal has always been supreme audio quality but maintaining the factory look of the vehicle-in this case the only way you could tell it was any different to factory is to listen to it-a few seconds will do!

These impressive kits can be bi-amped so you can run an amp for the midrange and tweeter with a seperate one for the woofers or you can wire them as a single load for a large 2channel-the RMS rating on these kits is 130wrms per side-I’d personally advise an amp of at least 2x 150wrms to give you plenty of headroom and a low noise floor. This customer went for the IPA1601, with 2x 300wrms on tap for huge dynamism and the ability to keep the gains right down.

Jehnert Tweeter fitted in factory location

Jehnert Tweeter fitted in factory location

Jehnert Midrange fitted in factory location on supplied perspex baffle

Jehnert Midrange fitted in factory location on supplied perspex baffle

For more information on these systems please do not hesitate to call:

0121 4593131


New store now open in Northwood!

Friday, August 5th, 2011

New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood!
New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood! New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood! New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood! New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood! New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood! New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood!
New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood!
New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood!
New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood!
New Car Audio Centre store now open in Northwood!

£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun & Mon!…. Be quick and don’t lose out!

Friday, July 29th, 2011

£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon
£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon £4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon £4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon £4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon £4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon £4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon
£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon
£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon
£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon
£4.99 delivery this Sat, Sun and Mon