The essential guide to in-car subwoofers

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Choosing what subwoofers to outfit your car with is a decision with more moving parts than you would think – figuratively and literally. Here is a brief guide to hopefully tell you what you need to know the most when choosing a subwoofer kit for your vehicle.

What type of sub

Subwoofers don’t just come in ‘loud’. There is a vast array of different types of sub to consider. If you want a small bass boost without the status that comes with having big subs on display, you can purchase component subwoofers that come without an enclosure. If you have the money, you have one designed to your own parameters. There are types of power subwoofers that hold the components in an enclosed space, handy to sneak into a corner, but they won’t produce a big sound.

What specs are important to you

If massive bass is your thing, you want a powerful sub with a lot of room in the case. If you want to play low frequency tracks, you will need to invest in a speaker with a high frequency range. It’s usually a better idea to put dual voice coils in your system, to offer more choice when putting the system together.

Product reviews online

Learn to read product reviews extensively before making a decision on any product. You don’t want to invest time and money only for the system you choose to fail to meet your expectations.

Plan where to put it

Some enthusiasts are happier with a discreet system that will upgrade your bass without unduly changing the look of the car, or even want to install outrageously designed subs just for the sake of it. Purpose designed speakers often fit into your door, for example. These kinds of subwoofer often sacrifice sound quality for aesthetics.

Sellers of aftermarket parts and audio specialists are always happy to advise you on the best system for you. Don’t be shy to make an inquiry – after all, this is what we do.

How to turn your car into a cinema on wheels

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Tired of the classic radio? Was it the repetitive pop music, the auto-tuned vocals, the endless adverts or the DJ you want to punch? Have you finally exhausted your Aerosmith greatest hits? If your car journeys, particularly the longer ones, are starting to drag, you might want to invest in some more substantial in-car entertainment. Equipping your car with the hardware that qualifies it to be a cinema on wheels might sound like excess– but you definitely deserve it.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is acquire an upgraded sound system. Premium surround sound systems are a costly endeavour for motorists – a high end system such as a Bang & Olufsen will nearly always set you back at least £5,000. But once installed, when your car has the acoustic quality of the Royal Albert Hall’s interior, you might feel like it was worth it. More affordable sound systems are available for the budget spender.

Now consider the archetypal cinema experience. One of the main words to come to mind is comfort. You pay extra for premium seats, with legroom and space to relax. The seats you put in your mobile cinema are integral to that feeling of luxury. Obviously, we aren’t talking about the cinema seat that folds into itself when you stand up: rather, the type of seat where merely sitting in it is an experience in itself. Luxury leather and heated car seats are a must for a driver coveting the cinematic feel.

You can’t have a cinema without a screen. The best screens aren’t cheap, and the smartest systems are the ones that come with a mechanism that unfolds the screen at the press of a button. In-car TV systems vary in price from model to model and car to car so it’s important to know where you want to situate the screens, also.

Above all else, be safe out there, particularly when driving a cinema on wheels.

What is Double DIN car stereo?

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

We’ve realised that many people are unaware of what a double DIN car stereo system and a single DIN system is.

So, we decided to give you guys a little background on the world of DIN.

DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für, which is an acronym adoption of the German standards organisation. It was used to define the standard size of car stereo head units in 1984. Din refers to the size of the car stereo unit.

There are a variety of DIN stereos available, but the size is what tells them apart. Both Single and double DIN stereos are 7 inches wide; the difference is that double DIN is 4 inches high whereas a single DIN is 2 inches. The DIN or Double Din is the size of most head units for cars. Older cars however have the single DIN car stereo systems.

Whether you pick a single or double DIN will be based on whether your car has the space for it. But car audio systems with features such as the DVD players, will be single DIN where the DVD interface will automatically come out of the system like a CD and flip up into a screen, which could be just as good as a double DIN screen. This will be very convenient for people that only have 7 by 2 inches of space for a car stereo system.

But, for cars that do have the space may choose to just go for the full screen installation so that they can use the touch-screen without having to wait for the system to load and set up.

It is completely up to you which one you go for, the DIN will suit your convenience either way.

So in fact, there’s not much difference between the Single DIN and the double DIN…it is just the size.

So what would you go for?

Single DIN or Double DIN


Single DIN car stereo system

Double DIN Car Stereo System







(The DIN stereo systems shown above feature in-car entertainment, click on the link for other DIN car stereo’s)


Pioneer AVH-3300BT Double Din installed into a Vauxhalll Corsa VXR at Car Audio Centre Tooting

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Pioneer AVH-3300BT Double Din installed into a Vauxhalll Corsa VXR at Car Audio Centre Tooting

With the correct parts any stereo can be installed, this pionner AVHA-3300BT looks great in a Vauxhall corsa VXR using a specialist part from connects to it also retains the original look from vauxhall being the high gloss black finish. The pionner is stacked full of features, Built in Bluetooth handsfree kit, Full speed iPod/iPhone control, DVD and DivX playback. All of which is controlled via its 5.8″ touchscreen full colour display

Vauxhall Corsa VXR Pioneer AVH-3300BT installed at Car Audio centre Tooting

Mercedes Coupe C-Class Has a Pioneer AVH-3300BT installed at the Car Audio Centre Tooting

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Mercedes Coupe C-Class Has a Pioneer AVH-3300BT installed at the Car Audio Centre Tooting

Make Bluetooth calls and enjoy your favourite films and tunes. The AVH-3300BT is your in-car control centre for calls and plenty of AV options on a 5.8” touch screen in your dashboard (requires 2-DIN slot).

A Parrot Bluetooth module makes wireless calling hassle-free: it can remember 5 phones and saves up to 1000 contacts. A noise-cancelling microphone is included.

Mercedes Coupe C-Class Has a Pioneer AVH-3300BT installed at Car Audio centre Tooting

In Phase Open there Doors to Fast Car to show off there Old Skool Car Audio Museum

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

In Phase Open there Doors to Fats Car to show off there Old Skool Car Audio Museum

It’s fair to say the guys at In Phase, in Nottingham, are proper audiophiles. They genuinely love their in-car-entertainment and it’s that enthusiasm for audio that led them to start this bonkers collection. It’s now three years and £30k in, and still growing. Sadly, it’s not open to the public, so we were honoured to spend the day checking out some of the maddest bits of kit
we’ve ever seen.

In Phase Audio 0115 9758606


museum 12

Mazda 6 with a Pioneer installation of the AVIC-F930BT Nav Sat Double Din System

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Mazda 6 with a Pioneer installation of the AVIC-F930BT Nav Sat Double Din System

Pioneer AVIC-F930BT is one of the trickest units on the market and for a very very reasonable price, this pioneer was installed into a Mazda 6  and using the right adapters fitted a treat and looks very smart indeed,

Mazda 6 and pioneer AVIC-F930Bt double Din Sat NAv media system



Toyota Hi-Lux Fitted with a JVC KW-NT30 Sat Nav AV System

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Toyota Hi-Lux Fitted with a JVC KW-NT30 Sat Nav AV System

JVC KW-NT30 ticks all the boxes for value for money and high end in car navigation system, With great in built features such as Bluetooth, fulliPod control, Internal Harddrive Sat Nav with lane guidance and full touch screen colour display, This JVC NT30 has been installed into a Toyota Hi-Lux 2010 model

JVC KW-NT30 double din sat nav multimedia stereo system



BMW Z4 has a Pioneer AVH-6300BT installed at Car Audio Centre Tooting

Monday, October 31st, 2011

BMW Z4 has the Pioneer AVH-P6300Bt installed at the Car Audio centre Tooting

Its Hard to improve the stunning interior of vehicles like the BMW Z4, but the Pioneer AVH-P6300Bt looks stunning and doesnt look out of place, and with the added benifits of Motorised AV system and Handsfree bluetooth calling, Why Not upgrade it!!!!


VW Lupo at Car Audio Centre Tooting JVC KW-AVX740

Monday, October 31st, 2011

JVC KW-AVX740 gets installed to a VW Lupo at the Car Audio Centre Tooting

For the Price and the features you get with Double Din Stereos today the JVC KW-AVX740 is top of the list for Value for money, and also looks great, as you can see this VW Lupo fit the JVC KW-AVX740 perfectly, Installed at Car Audio Centre Tooting at a extremley attractive price.

JVC KW-AVX740 fitted at the Car Audio centre Tooting VW Lupo