Bentley & Naim Audio Mix It Up….


One small sized british firm, a buy out by some german giants and we have ourselves a £5,000 musical showpiece to make your ears hear music like it’s being performed live in your car everyday. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed, abit of a mouthful yes, but its jam packed packed with goodies!

One car, 20 Audio experts & 2 years of hard work & dedication brings us the £5k Naim Audio system.

Bentley believe the system which was specially created for the Spur by British firm Naim of Salisbury is the best audio ever fitted to a car… A very broad claim!

Naim Audio’s usual field is building high spec home audio setups for big money.

Bentley buyers have the £5,000 price tag to add this setup in thier motors but if you have the money to buy a spur, it may just be the finish to a car which deserves it!