Monthly Archives: June 2008

Ignition & Car Audio Centre Charity Event


Car Audio Centre have teamed up with Ignition Shows to host a charity event at the famous cruise location of MFN in Nottingham. The event is on the 20th of July and gates will open from 1pm. Max Power have been confirmed as attending, lots of charity activities have been arranged such as Competitons, Raffles, Bikini Car washes and much… Read more »

Bentley & Naim Audio Mix It Up….


One small sized british firm, a buy out by some german giants and we have ourselves a £5,000 musical showpiece to make your ears hear music like it’s being performed live in your car everyday. The Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed, abit of a mouthful yes, but its jam packed packed with goodies! One car, 20 Audio experts & 2… Read more »

TomTom speaks up about iPhone situation


As if the iPhone 3G launch could really have any more misinformation floating around, we’ve got yet another tidbit that needs clarification. Shortly after Apple’s second iPhone was announced, out flew a report from Reuters suggesting that TomTom already had iPhone navigation software ready to go. French site Mac Generation was able to get ahold of TomTom spokesperson Yann Lafargue,… Read more »

Binatone debut first UK sat nav with rear view camera


The Binatone T430 adds extra justification for having a PND in the car by combining two technologies in one. By adding a colour rear view camera function, Binatone has met two consumer demands in one package providing huge savings over their discreet alternatives. The full featured turn by turn PND automatically switches over to rear view mode when reverse gear… Read more »

Belfast Store Open day


Sat the 31st of May marked the official opening of the Caraudiocentre Belfast! In attendance was CARSPORT AND SLICK MAGAZINE, JOHN DEMSTER WITH HIS SPL meter and the gorgeous Katharine, and on loan from the Boys at INPHASE AUDIO was there impressive demo vehicle which hit the highest SPL of the day at 147.5db!! Not bad for a big boy,… Read more »

ModeLabs launches Bluetrek Metal: thinnest BT headset on Earth


Every so often, we hear of yet another headset manufacturer claiming that their latest piece is in fact the smallest / lightest / most incredulous the world has ever seen. With the introduction of ModeLabs’ Bluetrek Metal, you can rest assured that everything is still running par for the course. This Bluetooth headset checks in at just 4-millimeters thick and… Read more »

BMW introducing updated, more customizable iDrive system


It looks like BMW’s sometimes derided iDrive system is about to get another boost in features / complexity, with the automaker now apparently readying a whole slew of features that’ll add even more customization options to cars using the system. That will apparently include everything from screen savers and sound effects to tweaks in transmission shift points and engine boost… Read more »

Audi R8 boasts LEDs aplenty


Audi has already manged to work some LEDs into a few of its cars (concepts and otherwise), but the automaker has gone all out with its latest Audi R8, which employs LEDs for seemingly every lighting function. That includes the 24-LED running lamps the R8 had before, along with some brand LED high and low beam headlights, and LED turn… Read more »

Toyota rolls out Night View-equipped, pedestrian-finding Crown Hybrid


Night view isn’t exactly a new technology, but Toyota’s latest implementation of it in its Crown Hybrid luxury sedan is a bit different than most. Unlike the company’s previous effort, which displayed images straight on the windshield, this one makes use of an LCD in the dashboard, which also does double duty by displaying the speedometer and all the vehicle’s… Read more »

Harman Kardon intros The Bridge II iPod / iPhone docking station


Almost three years after The Bridge was unveiled, the unit’s successor has finally emerged. Harman Kardon chose today to announce the simplistically named The Bridge II, which effectively connects compatible iPods and the iPhone to any H/K The Bridge-ready component. Once connected, you’ll find obligatory audio / video playback through your home entertainment system as well as on-screen iPod menus,… Read more »