Monthly Archives: August 2008

Alpine’s new PND-K3 GPS unit does it all, just like everybody else


There’s nothing wrong with Alpine’s new £250 PND-K3 Portable Navigation System, which was first unveiled at CES this January, there just isn’t anything too stand-out either. The unit runs a 4.3-inch screen, sports maps of North America and related islands, includes a 3D view and 6 million points of interest, vocalizes turn-by-turn directions and street names, does Bluetooth hands-free and… Read more »

In-car charger presents four USB ports alongside cigarette socket


In all honesty, USBfever almost nailed this one. The $22.99 in-car charger plugs right into your cigarette socket and gives motorists their cigarette outlet back along with 4 charging USB ports. The one (admittedly massive) tweak we wish it would’ve made? Replace that cig adapter with a traditional AC outlet. Yeah, yeah — that would make the whole thing a… Read more »

AVMap intros breathalyzer-equipped navigator


Built-in breathalyzers haven’t become quite the mainstay that many other features have in GPS units, but it looks like they’re starting to become a bit more common, with AVMap only the latest to debut a navigator that promises to tell you if you’re fit to drive or not. Apparently, its new Geosat 6 Drive Safe navigator is a standalone version… Read more »