Monthly Archives: September 2008

Mio’s Knight Rider GPS now shipping to the hardcore fans


Anybody can say they’re going to shell out for a Knight Rider GPS pre-order, but when the house party dies down and everyone peaces out, who actually keeps that order alive? For you, dedicated K.I.T.T. fan, your moment in the sun has arrived, as Mio’s legendary Knight Rider GPS is finally shipping within one to two business days. William Daniels… Read more »

Chevy Volt’s powertrain and recharging clarified


Chevy’s taking a moment to clear up some misconceptions about its eagerly anticipated plug-in hybrid, the Volt, which had long been assumed (by most) to use its gasoline-powered engine like a WWII submarine — kicking on and charging the batts to full before switching off again. Alas, that’s close but not completely accurate. The engine does serve only to feed… Read more »

Come and visit Car Audio Centre Ilford


Welcome to Car Audio Centre Ilford, Heres a small prespective of what we do, Whether it’s online or in our stores, we offer the best deals at competitive pricing, aswel as our professional support and committment. You’ll find customer service to a high standars whether your looking for something as little as a fuse to full in car entertainement system…. Read more »

Custom Toyota MR2 carputer presents the ultimate distraction for drivers


This insanely kitted out Toyota MR2 is being put up for sale by its owner somewhere in Germany — he’s a highly motivated seller, provided you have the prerequisite electronics and programming (especially Visual Basic) skills. The standard gauges and indicators in the car have been removed, replaced with touch screens and a console mounted iDrive knob, offering the pilot… Read more »

Check out the Juice A12, its just got better.


This year’s most popular car audio product the juice A12 has recently got better!!! The product designed by Juice UK has been the most popular product in the car audio world, with over 10,000 units sold in just over 8 months. The new Improved version is now 1200watts, made from a higher grade of Marine grade MDF, has internal amplifier… Read more »

Yet another amazing deal from InPhase Audio


Car Audio Centre has teamed up with InPhase Audio. They have put together this amazing deal. The InPhase IPS920SD for only £59.99. This unit is not just stylish, it also comes fully loaded with features, such as built-in SD card reader, USB port for your USB device, and most importantly – iPod Control. This offer is available now, only from… Read more »