Monthly Archives: October 2008

Rolls-Royce CEO hints at electric Phantom


While we imagine that the vast majority of you would be perfectly content with an all-electric MINI Cooper (or a Porsche, if nothing else), some debutantes and Chuck Bass wannabes just won’t have anything but the best. For those out there who can actually consider putting a Rolls-Royce in the garage, you’ll be thrilled to know that CEO Tom Purves… Read more »

LG HFB-500 solar-powered Bluetooth car kit


Review If your job involves making a lot of phone calls in cars, or you just like to be available when you’re on the move, a Bluetooth headset or an easy-fit car kit is the best option. The main problems with these, however, are that the battery tends to run down at crucial moments, and you need to plug it… Read more »

Ford ‘smart’ driving cuts fuel bill for motorists


Save up to £325 per year Figures achieved by 500 drivers in the Ford Focus ECOnetic Smart Driving Challenge show how much money, fuel and CO2 can be saved by using eco driving techniques. The Energy Saving Trust, which ran the Ford Smart Driving Challenge with low CO2 Ford Focus ECOnetic models, has reported: Fuel saved after deploying smart driving… Read more »