Monthly Archives: November 2009

Big box in small space!


We recently had a customer asking would one of our amazing value Double 12″ sony bass box deals fit in his toyota aygo…… be honest we didnt know, but thought why not try…….so here you go, apologies for the poor pictures but were great at making bass not at taking pictures! ha

Porsche 911 Cutom Subwoofer enclosure


This is a custom built enclosure for a Porsche 911 (996 series). It has been built to fit on the “parcel shelf” behind the back seats. The ā€œLā€ shape has been created to fit the shape of the shelf and maximize the internal volume without going to the cost of a fiberglass enclosure (even Porsche drivers have budgets!) It will… Read more »

Happy Christmas from caraudiocentre manchester


Happy Christmas from Glyn and Andy at the Car Audio Center Manchester, just a quick note to wish all our amazing customers a fantastic Christmas and to say thanks for their custom this year, as always we will be doing some super deals, offering gift wrapping and an exchange service after Christmas for any gifts bought (items have to be… Read more »

Christmas Time Has Arrived At Nottingham


Following on with the nottingham light being turned on, Nottingham store have gone on a mission to dress their shop and wrap there products. Santa’s little helpers have been in a wrapped our special sale products, we aim to make you happy and your pocket. Come down to nottingham to check out the store and grab yourself a bargain.

Voice dialling with an iPhone 3GS


For all those out there that have been banging their head against a brick wall trying to work out how to get their iPhone 3GS to do voice dialling then stop, Apple have finally admitted they have made a mistake and released a new software update OS version 3.1. By upgrading to the latest OS version you will now be… Read more »

Mercedes S class Installation by Car Audio Centre Tooting


A customer called up asking us if we could fit two 10ā€ Kenwood subwoofers in his car. He also mentioned that he wanted 17cm speakers fitted in his doors. He has two amplifiers aswell. I asked Musthaq, the customer does he want us to supply the equipment. He answered I have already got the equipment. Next question I asked him… Read more »