Monthly Archives: February 2010

Ford Cougar head unit change


after loosing the code to the original ford radio a customer came to in search of a decoder that could give him the correct code to get his radio working again which we can do, but after a few minutes of talking with him i recommended he change the stereo as it would have a big difference in this car,… Read more »

Volvo C70 Dolby Digital Amplifier


Our customer came in with his volvo c70, his standard stereo system hasn’t been working for the past couple of weeks so he decided to upgrade to something better. he had a friend who was selling his old unit which was a pioneer avh4000dvd last years model. All he need from us was to fit it.                                                                 heres the standard… Read more »

Nissan 350z Original sub removal


We did a nissan 350z not long ago unfortunately didn’t have time to take pictures as the job came in at 3 and it needed a kenwood KACX4D fitting and the original bose amp, and head-unit removing. we fitted a pioneer AVHP4100DVD in there before which was posted also showing how to use the original amp with an after market… Read more »

Volkswagen Camper goes crazy!


We had a customer come into our shop today asking what can be done to his camper to give him good bass! Cheap! And most importantly take up no room! We asked the guy for a budget price and he gave us a figure to work within; For this we supplied and fitted 2x Kenwood KFC-W3012, 1x JA1200D and a… Read more »

380BHP Audi Monster


We had a very nice customer came into the shop following on from a phone call from him Quote ” I am in need of a cat1 alarm and audio for my beast” we got the car booked in and fitted him a set of Focal access 5 1/4″  in  the rear and Focal 4″ int he front with a sony MEX BT2700… Read more »

Bmw M3 Softtop With The Single Post Headrests


They say you cant do these bmw’s or is it that they just dont want to! a customer we know came into store saying he wanted headrest screens put in his car before he sold it and said that everywhere he had been wouldnt touch it because they say you cant remove the headrest in this car. they were right… Read more »

New Nissan Pathfinder


we had a customer come into the store yesterday asking if we could change his original radio in his Nissan after taking a quick look at his car he decided he wanted to put a double din screen in the car but didn’t want sat nav as he would never use it so he set his heart on the pioneer… Read more »

Corsa Sri Bass Box


  good friend of mine came to the shop asking me to help him design and build a bass box for his little car he wanted all these silly designs and crazy ports making that would not give him the sound that he wanted so fibre glass was well out of the question we needed something tough that could handle… Read more »

“Fun and Games with a Bentley Arnage Red Label”


BENTLEY ARNAGE “RED LABEL” EDITION Lets just say before we start on what we did with it this is a excellent car in every way,  I’m not saying you should go and remortgage your home for one, but its nice and has been a pleasure (pain) to work on. one of our very good customers called this morning to let… Read more »