Monthly Archives: March 2010

Astra Double Din:


Got a late shape Astra? Sick of your poor radio recpetion and limited sources? How about going double din? In this car we fitted JVC’s excellent KW-AVX820. This face off double din screen incorporates Bluetooth and ipod charge and control so you can access music from your ipod and phone too! If that’s not enough this unit will also play… Read more »

VW Golf MKIV AV System


This customer wanted a Navigation system fitted, along with head rest screens-to be run off the front screen. He’d already been down the portable sat nav and removable screens route but was tired of constantly taking it all in and out of the car. He also wanted bluetooth without any clutter on his dashboard so we selected Pioneer’s AVIC-HD3BTi one… Read more »

137.6dB with Trex 12″ and IPA2001D


One of our customers just sent in this pic of his A3 into which he’d fitted a 12″ DB Audio TREX and and Inphase IPA2001d, picture of it installed below. The 2nd picture shows the results the package achieved on a professional SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meter.   Sub wasn’t run in and amp still had room to give more-so this WILL… Read more »

Mercedes 7″ Head rest monitors


This customer wanted a rear seat entertainment system for his Mercedes saloon and didn’t want to hear what was being played or have the system obstruct his rear view-so a roof mount was out of the question. The solution? Head rest monitors. We initially offered the customer Alpine’s awsome TME-780 pack but the customers boss, er wife, wouldn’t stretch to… Read more »

Bluetooth+ipod into Mazda 6


Got a Mazda 6?  Want ipod in your car?  Just found out the dash panel is £200.00? Figured “forget it!”-well don’t, we have the solution: Parrot’s MKi9100 is not only a top spec bluetooth hands free car kit it also doubles up as an ipod/usb/AUX interface too! And all this is supplied and fitted for just £25.00 more than the panel… Read more »