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Roof Mounted Monitors: Are We There Yet?


Who likes to travel? No, I mean like really travel, you know – road trips, camping, travelling overseas by car, the long journeys that are filled with memories of laughter, quarrels and debates. You could be travelling by yourself, with the family or with the spouse but there is one other thing that should always be with you. Entertainment… For… Read more »

What is Double DIN car stereo?


We’ve realised that many people are unaware of what a double DIN car stereo system and a single DIN system is. So, we decided to give you guys a little background on the world of DIN. DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für, which is an acronym adoption of the German standards organisation. It was used to define the standard size… Read more »

Cinema-Like Surround Sound System


Everything now is about connecting and socialising – digitally. But, I think we’ve slightly lost our way in the real world. I’ve seen it too much. Faces buried deep into mobile phone interfaces, tap, and tap, clicking away – like fingers in ballerina shoes. We’re very mobile – literally. We’re always on the go, always on our phones,  iPad’s, tablets… Read more »

Underseat Subwoofer VS Boot Subwoofer


It’s the battle of the woofers!  Sound, bass, quality – they are all important factors for music lovers. And enthusiasts. So, it only makes sense to have the best, and only the best subwoofers implanted somewhere in your car. But where do you put it, under the seat or in the boot? The Battle Subwoofer drivers are used to augment… Read more »

Sound the Alarm: Preventing Car Theft and Break-Ins


Thieves are always looking for opportunities. Car criminals can be smart and strategic, they know exactly what they want to steal; they are vigilant and will wait for the right opportunity to steal from their targeted car. Criminals are usually attracted to certain manufacturers, for example Japanese cars. A car that is manufactured in Japan has less security before it… Read more »

Save Money With Our Popular Bluetooth Car Stereo System


It’s simple, it’s popular and it’s fully functional. The In Phase IPS-249BT Bluetooth car stereo system has been selling like hot cakes because of its simplicity, easy installation and functions. Amongst all the benefits of this product, I think the best bit has to be the competitive price. It’s Affordable! I have to mention this point first because it will… Read more »