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Which hands free kit is right for you? Five questions you need to ask


Talking on a mobile phone in a car is both dangerous and illegal. To avoid the dreaded penalty points and fine whilst chatting safely on the move the only solution is to use a hands free kit. As with all technology, what’s right for some people isn’t always the best option for others. When talking on a mobile whilst driving… Read more »

Small and mighty: Can tweeters really ramp up our in-car music experience?


Though tweeters may now be more associated with online social networking, they first made their name in the audio world, providing state-of-the-art sound systems and helping to bring music to life. These days, tweeters can be found in most high-end stereos, and are considered by many to be one of the most important parts of an audio system. If you… Read more »

Portable sat navs vs. Fixed sat navs


As the advancements in modern technology continue to impress and amaze, it’s sometimes easy to forget what a revolutionary piece of kit the satellite navigation system has been. Sat navs, or GPS systems as they are sometimes referred to, have taken the stress out of driving to unknown territories whilst rendering the map obsolete. Aside from the basic purpose of… Read more »

Motorbike sat navs: How do they enhance a rider’s time on the road?


Traditionalists like things done a certain way. For example, drivers with a more traditional approach to taking the wheel may look out for particular features in a vehicle such as a long-established design, leather seats and a conventional car stereo to pump out all those classic tunes. If you’re a traditionalist, the thought of using a contemporary sat nav next… Read more »

Best in-car safety devices to monitor driving habits


With 18-year old drivers around three times more likely to be involved in a crash than an older driver and one in five new drivers involved in accidents within the first six months of having a licence, it’s no wonder that parents across the country are keen to monitor their child’s driving habits. There is a range of devices on… Read more »

6 features to look for in an up-to-the-minute car stereo


Car stereo systems have come a long way since the first AM/FM radios and tape decks were installed, and today there is a vast world of music, radio and multi media at a driver’s finger tips. So if you’re currently looking to upgrade your in-car audio and aren’t sure what to look out for, here are the top six most… Read more »

5 things we can expect from in-car entertainment in the future


Driving used to be about simply getting from A to B, with nothing more than a radio cassette player for company. As consumers become increasingly tech savvy, the car industry is keen to keep up with the trends and offer the same kind of entertainment and communication systems that you find at home or in the office. With our smartphones… Read more »

The essential guide to in-car subwoofers


Choosing what subwoofers to outfit your car with is a decision with more moving parts than you would think – figuratively and literally. Here is a brief guide to hopefully tell you what you need to know the most when choosing a subwoofer kit for your vehicle. What type of sub Subwoofers don’t just come in ‘loud’. There is a… Read more »

How to turn your car into a cinema on wheels


Tired of the classic radio? Was it the repetitive pop music, the auto-tuned vocals, the endless adverts or the DJ you want to punch? Have you finally exhausted your Aerosmith greatest hits? If your car journeys, particularly the longer ones, are starting to drag, you might want to invest in some more substantial in-car entertainment. Equipping your car with the… Read more »