Monthly Archives: May 2014

A Guide to Headphones


While people spend a great deal of time and money choosing the perfect music playing device, far less thought is given to choosing a pair of headphones. However, as people spend more and more time on the go, headphones are becoming increasingly important. At Car Audio Centre, we offer a wide range of headphones to suit all tastes. Here is… Read more »

Great Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Father’s Day is coming up, which poses the difficult question: what do you buy your dad? While Mother’s Day comes with obvious gift ideas such as jewellery or bath products, finding a gift for your father is slightly more difficult. But fear not, at Car Audio Centre we have tonnes of great gadgets your dad will love. Here is our… Read more »

3 Car Essentials for Your Holiday


The summer season is fast approaching, and I’m sure you have your holiday planned. Although you are starting to get excited, anyone travelling by car to their destination must be dreading the long, boring journey there. However, at Car Audio Centre, we aim to make your journey as pleasant as possible.  Here are our recommendations for the top 3 car… Read more »

Car-Hacking: A Dangerous New Trend


It used to be that criminals would break into people’s cars by smashing the windows with a crowbar. However, London police have uncovered a dangerous new trend: car-hacking. Most cars today contain up to 80 computer systems that power elements such as navigation, central locking, and the brakes. Criminals have used this to their advantage, creating devices that can be… Read more »

How Bluetooth can change bad driving habits


Busy times can sometimes lead to breaking rules, such as talking whilst on the phone. As we all know it is prohibited to use a mobile during driving a car, van or any other vehicle as this can ultimately lead to an accident. The police have become stricter on this rule recently and legal action can be taken against those… Read more »

The wonders of a radio cassette CD player


Cassette player? You must be thinking we’ve gone bonkers here at Car Audio Centre. But, you’re either here because you are also one of the many people that still like to have the option to play your old cassettes or you’re here because – you’re curious. Either way, we’re taking it back old school! Jump on board and I’ll share… Read more »