A brief guide to sat navs


A brief guide to sat navs


When traveling alone the best way of navigating your way to your destination is by using a sat nav (Satellite Navigation).

How satellite navigation works

The way a sat nav will work is by using a network of satellites called GPS (Global Positioning System), these satellites will orbit the Earth in known positions. The satellites will then calculate where your sat nav is; this is often within a few metres.

A sat nav allows you to plan your journey in a variety of ways, from entering the postcode of your destination to nearby landmarks. Your sat nav will then calculate the shortest route for you to take to your destination and give you step by step instructions on how to get there. If you go wrong at any point then it will recalculate a new route for you.

Understanding sat nav features

There are some features that are helpful to have when deciding on which sat nav to purchase.

The Traffic Function

  • This can be a very useful tool to have if you travel a lot during rush hours or you spend a lot of time traveling to different areas where you don’t know what the traffic will be like. This feature is great when traveling through areas where you know there is a high chance of there being any accidents.
  • The traffic function will adjust your route to avoid the traffic so you steer clear of any traffic.

Point of interest

  • The point of interest feature tells you where many different places are, such as; fast food restaurants, petrol stations, parking, cash points and other local services that you might need. This is a very useful feature to have up your sleeve if you are likely to take many long journeys or if you are traveling to places that you have never been to before.

Safety cameras

  • This function helps you to locate where the nearest traffic camera is. It will also alert you if you are close to/over the speed limit. Although it is important to note that not all sat navs come with it for free, you may have to buy a monthly subscription.

There is a wide range of sat navs to choose from, with a variety of different features installed. Check out our variety of sat navs for a wide range of prices and features.


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