A Guide to Headphones


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While people spend a great deal of time and money choosing the perfect music playing device, far less thought is given to choosing a pair of headphones. However, as people spend more and more time on the go, headphones are becoming increasingly important. At Car Audio Centre, we offer a wide range of headphones to suit all tastes. Here is our quick guide to the main types you will find:


This is the main type of headphone you will see. They are small, inconspicuous, and sit just inside the ear, making them perfect for listening to an MP3 player on train journeys. As they do not enter your ear canal the sound is not isolated and the quality can be slightly lower. However, they are comfortable to wear, and usually come at an affordable price. These Sennhieser MX370 headphones have a lightweight design, deliver vibrant bass and come at just £18.49. 

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Not to be confused with earbuds, earphones fit inside the ear canal, creating a seal between the music and the outside world. They are lightweight, inconspicuous, and deliver excellent noise isolation. These Beats By Dr Dre iBeats headphones feature Monster ControlTalk for ultimate control and hands-free calling, and are built for extra comfort and durability.

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On-Ear Headphones

This style of headphones is designed to rest lightly on your ears. Generally, this style produces a high quality of sound and has a richer low end as they have larger drivers than earphones. Users will be able to hear outside sounds and others nearby may be able to hear the music. A great pair of on-ear headphones are these Me to You hot pink headphones, which feature the trademark teddy bear design and a comfortable, silicone headband.

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Full-Size Headphones

These feature large ear cups that fully enclose the ear. These deliver high quality sounds and allow complete sound isolation, allowing you to fully appreciate the music. Their size makes them less mobile than other types of headphones, but they are perfect for listening to music at home without disturbing the neighbours. These Beats by Dr. Dre Monster Beat studio headphones have advanced speaker design and active noise cancelling to deliver power, clarity and deep bass.

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Check out our full selection of headphones, and you will be sure to find a pair perfect for you!

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