A self-cleaning car: Does it really exist?


Is it just rumors, or have Nissan really unveiled the worlds first self-cleaning car?


I hate it when my car gets dirty, and sometimes when I can’t afford to take it to the car wash all the time, or am too lazy to do it myself – the dirt just builds up. So, this self-cleaning car sounds quite appealing to me.

Check out this YouTube video by Nissan and watch the dirt roll off the car.

Superhydrophobic treatment – that’s how it works.

It is the form of new technology that is applied to the body of the car and ensures water-based substances such as mud and dirt roll off the surface.

The treatment increases the contact angle of water droplets, which means the liquid resists sticking to the surface and rolls away instead. Liquids stick to surfaces when the contact angle is low but roll away when it is high.

Superhydrophobic surfaces work by combining two properties – super-roughness at the microscopic level and a low surface energy – to ensure that these contact angles remain high.

Sounds great doesn’t it!

I’ll never have to clean my car again, or take it to the car wash where I have to stand outside in the cold and waste time waiting around until it’s all done.

But, there is a price that comes with this privilege and that is considered to be around £450. This will act as a paint option to have on the car. The Japanese car manufacturer have tested the paint on the Nissan Note and have commented that it has “responded well to common use cases including rain, spray, frost, sleet and standing water.”

Let’s see how this new technology works out for Nissan, until then I guess I will carry on cleaning my car the ‘old fashioned way’!

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