Alpine Set Sail at CES!


Alpine’s obsession with building a mental demo vehicles has continued, previous builds include Sinister 6, that chopped Mini Cooper, and last year’s Imprint RLS. This year they went all out, building a fully pimped ski boat and tow vehicle to promote their new Marine line.

This one-of-a-kind boat started life as a battered 25-foot 1994 Commander V-bottom, and was crafted into a custom ski boat ready to make it’s own waves!

Alpine’s guys carved new, and re-molded the factory lines, straightening the fiberglass shell into quite simply something else!The boat ended uplooking 10 times better than when it left its factory in the first place! The team modified the intakes and completely revamped the interior from scratch.

The boat apparently took up 4000 hours of work and took about 5 months to complete. The guys mad enough to take on this mammoth task were Steve Brown, Gary Bell, and Brent Davison – Rather tham than me!

This build is just too mad for words – Happy Sailing!

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