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How I Got a Free Road Angel Dashcam!


How I Got a Free Road Angel Dashcam! Our team member Daniel has done a quick write up on his experience with dashcams and insurance premiums.  As a young driver car insurance has always been a big worry for me! So when I got my new car earlier this year I was not looking forward to the insurance bill. £3,000,… Read more »

The Importance of a Dash Cam Inside Your vehicle


The Importance of a Dash Cam Inside Your vehicle Over the years, the dashboard camera has become increasingly popular, as it has number of benefits acting as a silent witness whilst commuting in your vehicle. The purpose of the device is to carefully record every detail and has benefits such as: Capturing Crime Lowering Insurance Premiums Providing Evidence Preventing Insurance… Read more »

Is my dashcam recording?


Is my dashcam recording? Our team member and dashcam Yoda, Andrew, has written an in-depth advice guide about SD cards and dashcams- Is my dashcam recording? So, you have taken the responsible step of getting a Dash Cam for your vehicle and self-protection! Great news! However, how do you know you are actually protected? And that your dashcam is working… Read more »



SPH-DA230DAB vs SPH-DA130DAB. What’s the difference? We have seen a massive spike in orders for the SPH-DA230DAB, leaving behind the SPH- DA130DAB. People we have spoken to, didn’t seem to know the difference between the two. Reading through specs and features can be boring if your requirements are not niche. Lets run through the difference between the two. Screen Size and… Read more »

New headunit, SPH-DA250DAB!


It takes quite something for a new product to take the aftermarket audio industry by storm, but that’s precisely what the Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB did when it was launched upon an unsuspecting public back in 2017. Never one to rest on its technological laurels, Pioneer has wasted no time in unveiling an addition to the SPH range, the completely redesigned SPH-DA250DAB,… Read more »

Alexa in Dashcams, Good idea or a Privacy Concern?


Alexa in Dashcams, Good idea or a Privacy Concern? Since it’s inception into a voice assistant for your home, the Alexa service has been plagued by privacy concerns. A few security researchers claim malicious apps can eavesdrop through your Echo device due to it’s microphone being on all the time as the device awaits commands. Alexa users also found out… Read more »

New Tablet-Style Pioneer SPH-EVO93DAB!


New Tablet-Style Pioneer SPH-EVO93DAB! A rival to the ILX-F903D? (Halo9) When Alpine released the Halo9, the car audio scene was intrigued and in awe. Now, it seems Pioneer want to jump onto this trend as well. This new receiver features a new level of smartphone connectivity – Android Auto™ (wired) and Apple CarPlay™ (via wireless connection) -, voice commands (Alexa built-in),… Read more »

Smart move – Superfi to return to local high street


Great to see the media covering the news that Superfi is coming back to the Nottingham high street. You can read all about it below too. Smart move – Superfi to return to local high street  A well-known brand for music enthusiasts across the city is set to return, after local audio-visual group In Phase International announced plans to bring… Read more »