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Car Accessories For A Quiet Ride With The Kids – Are We There Yet?

Car DVD Player Kenwood DDX-5015DAB Double Din Head Unit with Built-in DAB Tuner

Car Accessories and In-Car Entertainment for Kids Once upon a time, in-car entertainment for youngsters used to mean countless games of “I spy.” Those days are now long gone, with electronic gadgets having stepped up in the battle against boredom on long car journeys. Video games, in-car DVD systems and MP3 players offer suitable distractions for children while allowing parents… Read more »

Dash Cam Road Safety Benefits

Dash Cam NextBase In Car Camera Dashboard nbdvr202

Dash Cam In Car Cameras Car camera recorders and accident cameras can have many benefits, to monitor driving, to record accidents and to prevent fraud and corruption. With car accidents on a rise, a dash camera would be the perfect bit of equipment to have handy in the car – especially if you are accident-prone! Having a recording of a… Read more »

5 ways to save fuel

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Fuel Efficiency – How To Save Fuel Costs Drivers in the UK are being encouraged to become more eco-friendly drivers. A new campaign by the society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) believes that businesses could save up to 20% on fuel expenditures from their fleets, which could save UK motorists £6.8 billion a year.   Being an eco-friendly driver… Read more »

A brief guide to sat navs


  When traveling alone the best way of navigating your way to your destination is by using a sat nav (Satellite Navigation). How satellite navigation works The way a sat nav will work is by using a network of satellites called GPS (Global Positioning System), these satellites will orbit the Earth in known positions. The satellites will then calculate where… Read more »

Top 5 ways to deal with being stuck in traffic


  Being stuck in traffic, especially for a long time, can become boring and stressful. Here are 5 ways to keep you occupied when stuck in traffic. Music Music is seen as a good way to relieve stress and keep your mind off the traffic. Have your favourite tunes ready to go in your car stereo, so all you have… Read more »

Top 5 ways to avoid traffic


    Traffic is a constant struggle with any commuter, it can make you late for work, or it can stress you out for the rest of the day. Either way traffic is one of the worst ways to start or end your day of work. Here are a few tips on trying to avoid traffic Invest in a Sat… Read more »

How Could DAB Car Radio Systems Takeover in 2015?


    According to an article in Radio Today, a report by government minister for radio, Ed Vaizey explains how DAB car radios have become a standard in new cars by almost 60%, whilst 4 years ago this figure sat at 0%. So how far have DAB car radio systems come for 2015? It is obvious that these radios have… Read more »

5 New Year Resolutions for Car Lovers


  So the tree decorations have been packed away in the loft for another year, the last of the turkey has long been consigned to the dog and another brand new year looms on the horizon. You have probably made the usual New Year resolutions about eating healthily, giving up the booze and going to the gym to get fit… Read more »