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What is ISO?


What exactly is ISO you may ask? ISO is an acronym for “International Organization for Standardization”. The distinctions between “ISO” are usually by their designated numbers. Created in 1995, ISO 10487 is a standard connector that allows you to connect an aftermarket headunit into your car with ease. It consists of two side-by-side eight pin connectors, these connectors fit into… Read more »

Differences between our head Units


With so many head units to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. Read our guide to understand the key differences between our head units. Differences Between Our Head Units Over the past few months, the SPH-DA230DAB, SPH-DA250DAB, SPH-DA130DAB and the DMX5020DAB have become very popular products among our customers. However, we frequently get asked… Read more »

Top 5 Features of The DMX5020DABS


As the majority of people in the United Kingdom are currently in lockdown and are only allowed to leave their houses for essential reasons, why not consider using your spare time wisely by treating yourself (and your car) to a brand new head unit! With the modernisation of in-car connectivity currently on the rise there are many reasons as to why… Read more »