Bumped in the front or a shunt from the back…Halo has you covered


More and more people are realising the benefits of installing dash cams for their vehicle security or in the event of an insurance claim but are you totally covered?

Not if you are only looking ahead of you…

We know that if you are hit from behind, in the majority of cases, the fault will be the other driver. However, how can you prove that in the event of a claim? Well, you could HOPE that you can grab the dashcam footage of the other driver, if they are smart enough to have one installed but let’s face it, this may prove tricky…

Or…you could cover all the angles and install a brand new, discreet accident camera device, the Road Angel Halo..

Available with both front and rear camera units, high resolution and real-time recordings, Halo is ready to catch any accidents that may happen from ANY angle.

The Halo has several recording modes; real-time, event, manual and parking. Real-time mode records any journey you make and simply saves the footage as you go. Event mode activates when an incident occurs during real-time recording and saves the footage separately. Manual mode allows you to create an event file by double clicking the end button during real time.

Finally, Halo parking mode activates when the vehicle ignition is switched off and any movement is detected, meaning if your vehicle is involved in an accident whilst unattended the footage can still be captured.

There is also optional sound recording and the ability to download your footage onto the computer means you can back-up your footage and return to it whenever you may need to, it mounts easily to your windscreen and has built in GPS with Google maps.

So, if you like the sound of total vision, it might be time that you got the full protection of your own Halo.