Car Entertainment for Kids: Beat Those Long Journeys


Travel entertainment can seem like an endless chore on family holidays. With the global attention span of our population narrowing, keeping children entertained is becoming harder and harder. On long car journeys, having bored passengers is the last thing any driver needs, making fun car games for kids a must-have. 

To help avoid the constant “are we there yet” comments, we have put together our top recommended car games for kids to help any car journey fly by. With both electronic and family games to try out, there is something to capture everyone’s attention…


I Spy

Starting with classic fun car games free of expense, I spy is a game where the first player must spot an object either inside or outside of the car.  Once they pick something, they must announce:

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”

The player then announces the first letter of the object they have selected. E.g. if they have selected a tree as their item, they would state:

“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T”

The first person to guess the answer (in this case tree) correctly wins that round. This winning player then gets to have a turn picking an object, and so on. This continues until players either exhaust all options, or enthusiasm for the game falters.


I went to the supermarket…

Fun car games free of charge can be hard to find. This game, centred around memory, provides all the fun for none of the cost. The first player says:

“I went to a supermarket and I bought…” 

They then announce the item which they ‘bought’ from the supermarket. This goes around the car, with each member taking it in turns to say the phrase followed by the items which their fellow passengers listed before them. They also add one to the end of this list for the next person to continue with. For example, if the driver started with tomatoes and their front-seat passenger followed with large free-range eggs, the next passenger would start with:

“I went to a supermarket and I bought tomatoes, large free-range eggs”, then adding on their own item (e.g. chocolate), “and chocolate”. 

The success of this travel entertainment game will depend on the memory of the players, with passengers who forget any items being disqualified from the round. This continues until there is eventually one winner left.


Travel Entertainment Multimedia player

For those journeys requiring more concentration from the driver, a little help from technology may be required. With a multimedia player, you can control Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Waze through your dashboard. 

Audio and video content from CDs, DVDs and USB devices can also be played, ensuring your children will be kept entertained through any longer journeys. Audiobooks are a big hit with younger children and can be picked up for free from local libraries easily. If you are unfamiliar with requesting children’s audiobooks, simply check out your library website to see which titles are available to request or download.

Although the day kids grow out of children’s books is a sad one, it is also inevitable as they make their way to teenage years. If your children are beyond this age, why not try creating a family playlist on Spotify for the journey. The direct control features of these multimedia players mean drivers can safely change songs directly from the car dashboard, meaning skipping tracks has never been easier.


Roof-mounted DVD players

If you have fun out of car games for kids, why not bring in a little modern technology. As an easy way to keep backseat passengers entertained, a roof-mounted entertainment system allows its audience to enjoy a high-quality picture of their favourite film or television show. Drivers can relax with ease knowing their kids are taken care of, with our overhead monitor even coming with two pairs of 1-channel wireless headphones. 

With the wireless remote control making it easy to function, this DVD player is suitable for younger as well as older children. Taking your younger children to the local library to pick out DVDs for the journey can be an excellent way to get them involved. This way, they will feel excited for the road trip ahead and feel they have had a say in planning the car journey.



For more in-car entertainment ideas, check out the systems and products which Car Audio Centre has available. 


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