Car Parking Sensors and the Benefits


Help! I Can’t Park My Car!

My friend just brought the BMW 6 series. I’m jealous, I want one – but I can’t afford it. The BMW 6 series would be a lifesaver for me; it would help me park my car!

Car Parking Sensors

I’m quite small, so I use my height, as an excuse to explain why my parking skills are not, well, let’s say – top of the range.

The car parking sensors in the BMW are absolutely amazing! It even has the function to detect heat, so if there is heat around you, or any ‘life’ the car will detect it using the heat and motion sensors.

Most of the top of the range cars come fitted with parking sensors, but let’s face it, cars are expensive and not all of us have this luxury, but it doesn’t mean we need to miss out on the benefits!

You can get parking sensors installed in your car too!

Why would you want car parking sensors?

I am prone to collisions and minor bumps so I know exactly why parking sensors would be important to me, but they are more useful and important to the average driver, than you may initially think.

Here are a few benefits:

  • Improve you parking abilities by having a view of what is behind and in front of your car.
  • Beat the challenges of parking by stopping and completely avoiding minor collisions and crashes. Save money on unnecessary repairs and say goodbye to scratches and dents!
  • Be alerted by audible ‘beeps’ when you are too close to and object when in reverse – allowing you to manoeuvre and reverse with ease.
  • Be able to park in small spaces as you listen out for the single, continuous beep that warns you and tells you when you need to stop.

There are many cases where children have been hit by reversing cars, and a number of these serious accidents occur every year! There are a number of serious accidents every year where children having been hit by reversing cars as they were not visible to the driver.

The parking sensors can alert you of any movement or object that may be of danger and will save you from making a regrettable mistake. The parking sensors can sense both vehicles and people; they are compatible in cars, trucks and vans so you can be stress free in whichever vehicle you drive.

With parking sensors you will never have to worry about injuring a child, or a pet, because you can’t see them behind you. You will be warned when pulling out of your drive or parking space if there is another vehicle or person behind you.

So be stress free and reverse with confidence, improve your parking skills and show off your manoeuvring skills.

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