Changes to the driving test – how to navigate things cheaply and easily


You might not have heard about it, but the practical element to a driving test is just about to change dramatically and sat-navs are a big part of it.

According to, there are four new additions coming to the practical driving test, which acknowledge new technology and more realistic driving scenarios and manoeuvres, with particular attention being paid to driving in rural areas.

Here are the four changes:

– Independent driving part of the test to increase from 10 minutes to 20 minutes;

– Following sat-nav directions to be part of independent driving section;

– Reverse around a corner and turn in the road manoeuvres to be replaced with more real-life scenarios

– One of two vehicle safety questions to be asked while the candidate is driving

While the layout of your test won’t change too much, the changes mean it will vary. says that one of things to be aware of however is that you will be asked a theory question (commonly called the “show me, tell me” questions) whilst driving, as opposed to just being asked when you are stationary.

You’ll also be required to drive independently (with prior guidance from your examiner) for 20 minutes not 10 minutes.

Being able to read a sat-nav display whilst driving will also be a requirement – not surprising, when 52 per cent of drivers now use sat-nav devices while driving.

The biggest change comes in the form of the types of manoeuvres you will have to execute. Any new manoeuvres required in the test should be factored into your driving lessons however, to allow you to appropriately practice.

The test is changing because road collisions, the leading cause of death for young drivers aged between 15 and 24, are increasing and the most fatal accidents occur on high-speed rural roads. Some 52 per cent of drivers now use sat-nav devices while driving as well.

Because of this, the DVSA are keen to modernise the driving test and make it more relevant, acknowledging key areas that clearly need greater attention.

If you don’t have a sat-nav and are coming up to your driving test, now is the time to invest in one. Passing your driving test can be an expensive exercise, so why waste money when you can familiarise yourself with driving with a sat-nav today?


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