Honda Civic Type R SQ System In Phase PR10 and Kenwood KAC-X4D


Neil came into the shop with a definite idea of how he wanted his car to sound-a LOT, LOT better! Fortunately he already knew the basics of a good car audio system and that 80% of how it sounds is down to how it is fitted so he’d already budgeted for sound deadening the doors and high quality cables. £120.00 worth of Dynamat was used to seal the doors, both inner and outer skins were done to make the doors perform as much like a box as possible. The Dynamat also reduces unwanted resonance in the doors, giving your speakers a flatter, less “peaky” a response.

After a short discussion he decided on the excellent DBAudio Trex 6.2c, their silk dome tweeters with phase plugs and super smooth and detailed response combined with their impressive build quality sold them too him.

Amplifier wise he needed something compact to go under the rear boot floor, Kenwood’s award winning KACX4D was the ideal choice: This full range digital amplifier was developed in conjunction with Ice Power, a spin off company of Bang and Olufson, for Sound Quality and won the European Sound and Imaging Association award for best Sound Quality Amplifier under £500.00-so we knew it’d be man for the job.

Subwoofer wise Neil wanted plenty of punch and to keep some boot space, Inphase’s excellent PR10 was chosen, the Passive Radiator design isn’t seen much (too complex/expensive for lesser companies to develop)  but it offers the output of a vented box but only takes the space a sealed box would.

Neil was suitably blown away by his system and drove off with a huge smile on his face.

Original Inner Door

The Original Inner Door and Honda’s lame attempt at sound deadening!


Door partially deadened, outer skin done inner skin part way through-we used a whole trunk kit on these two doors-that’s 20 square foot!


Door fully deadened, mdf mounting ring to mount the speaker on-much better solution than the plastic spacers available-no resonance and a perfect fit.


The DBAudio Tweeter fitted into the original tweeter location perfectly, allowing the original to be re-fitted when Neil sells the car.


Inphase’s excellent PR10, compact enough to keep some bootspace, but big enough to keep up with the most demanding owner!

Kit list:

DBAudio Trex 6.2c

Kenwood KACx4D

DBAudio TXW5- High Quality RCA

Dynamat Trunk Kit

4gauge wiring


Lanzar LQFC1125P 11gauage speaker cable.

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