How Bluetooth can change bad driving habits


Bluetooth Car AudioBusy times can sometimes lead to breaking rules, such as talking whilst on the phone. As we all know it is prohibited to use a mobile during driving a car, van or any other vehicle as this can ultimately lead to an accident. The police have become stricter on this rule recently and legal action can be taken against those who have been caught – so it’s time to make a change from bad driving habits by using Bluetooth.

In the busy environment that we live in, many people find it difficult to avoid a call so when they see the call incoming; the phone is held to their ears before they know it. For some people, not attending a call can have a detrimental effect on their business so a risk is taken to avoid loosing any business.

Over the years, many phone companies have tried to advance and develop devices that can be used in the car. Devices that are legal and also let you attend that ‘important’ call. Before the invention of Bluetooth in car, drivers were advised to use the head set that connected to the mobile phone through the wire but this caused a lot of discomfort to users.

There was then a Bluetooth earpiece craze, -an attachment for the ear that allowed a connection to the mobile without the external wire connection. This however was surely soon replaced by much more advanced technology with built in Bluetooth car stereos, which would already be installed or could be purchased – many at reasonably great prices! The Bluetooth feature remains to be a must have feature in many in car devices.

With advanced Bluetooth the driver is able to listen to FM radio, MP3 songs and audio straight from their phones. Any incoming call can be attended with either voice recognition or by the touch of a button.

Bluetooth allows the driver to drive, listen to music of their choice without additional devices such as USB or having to put up with scratched CD’s full of the same songs that at some point finally lead you to wanting something different to nod your head to.

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