How Could DAB Car Radio Systems Takeover in 2015?



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According to an article in Radio Today, a report by government minister for radio, Ed Vaizey explains how DAB car radios have become a standard in new cars by almost 60%, whilst 4 years ago this figure sat at 0%.

So how far have DAB car radio systems come for 2015? It is obvious that these radios have helped increase car sales – as last year over 1.25 million new cars with digital radio were sold as in-car DAB radios overtook domestic radio stations in 2014.

In 2007 Digital Multimedia Broadcasting had announced DAB+ as the new broadcast standard, but this was not adopted in the UK according to the digital radio action plan from Ed Vaizey. However, allegedly DAB+ offers better sound quality so it is not to say that this could not become a new broadcast standard in 2015. There is of course the concern that if DAB+ was to takeover DAB radios will not be able to upgrade to receive the potential new standard signal, though newer radios are multi-standard chip and will be compatible to receive both signals.

For now it is good to know that the UK government will be focusing on a digital switchover from FM to DAB as apposed to DAB+ so for those looking to buy a new DAB car stereo system need not worry about the DAB+ standard just yet.

Why could DAB takeover FM?

Although the sound quality of DAB car radios is an issue for many people, it does have its benefits. Compared with FM radio stations, DAB offers a wider variety of radio stations, dependent on the location where you live.

In reference to more users using DAB car radio systems, the director or radio at the BBC, Helen Boaden says, “We are delighted that now even more car drivers will be able to listen to our digital-only stations while they’re on the move.”

Sometimes with DAB radio stations you can end up coming out of the rag of a DB transmitter, but in this case most in-car DAB radios are able to switch to FM version of the station you are listening to automatically, so you can continue to enjoy the music.

If you need help picking a DAB car radio system for your car, please contact one of our friendly team who can talk you through your options on car audio systems and which one will be the best for you.


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