Inphase Ips100ssd On A NRG 50CC


Car Audio Centre Nottingham have been busy bee’s last weekend. We haven’t done any motorbikes in a while, but a family member of ours has just passed his test and we thought as a well done present we would put him a simple and easy to fit system onto his NRG. We thought been as it wont be travelling fast he should have something to compensate for it. So we went with the idea of a small IPS100SSD and some Alpine SPG-10C2.

We had to start by fabricating a board that would fit under the seat that needed to be removable for access to the space underneath.

After measuring and cutting the board we spend ages sanding to get the shape right because the under seat compartment isn’t actually a shape at all, but we managed to get the board to fit snug and after the carpet was glued on it looked great so we slipped in the Inphase radio and speakers and it was done!


It sounded great because the bike offers a nice sealed enclosure under the seat.


If you decide you want something like this done we can do it, come down to car audio centre in nottingham and ask for Chris

225 radford road, NG7 5GU tel. 01159422988

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