Install of the VZ409e into a Mazda 3 done with ease!!!


Car Audio Centre Nottingham Instal the Clarion VZ409E into a Mazda 3

Everyone always says the Mazda’s are a pain to change the stereo and after a customer came into the store saying he wanted to change his stereo but it would cost him more than he wanted to spend. he had been around a few places and got quotes before coming here one place said it would take about 3 hours and cost around 150.00 labour, the other said it wouldn’t be possible to do it as there fitter wasn’t capable of  doing that car!

after a quick look at the car and a few idea’s  we set out with the Clarion VZ409E single din flip out screen and a promise to the customer that it would be in and working fully before his trip in which he was driving abroad as all the flights had been cancelled.


notice the big ugly Mazda radio and tiny little screen your supposed to be able to read, well with a few little magic words and a wave of my trim tool!


well it didnt really come out that fast but it wasn’t as hard as everyone seemed to make out now was time for the connects 2 job. first we needed a fascia which was a ct24mz07 and wiring loom which was ct20mz02. Once all the parts were in time for the radio.


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