Mondeo + 2 x AW1500V + IPA2001D= Ringing Ears!


Darren came down to the Birmingham store after a subwoofer solution for his Mondeo hatch back and he wanted something BIG!

A quick chat about equipment and it was apparent Darren wanted to really move some air, but was on a tightish budget. Fortunately we’d got the AW1500V’s on offer, £100.00 each for 800wrms 15″ with 4ohmDVC, so £200.00 for two monster subs just left him an amp and box to budget for.

For the amp Darren couldn’t resist the IPA2001D, with 200wrms on tap at 1ohm it was perfect for the job-2000wrms of amp on 1600wrms of subs? Yup, having more power on tap then the subs will take guarantees a clean and un-clipped signal for the subs, resulting in better SQ and a longer life!

The box was going to have to be custom built for the subs to get the best out of them and so it would fit the boot, unfortunately because of the size of the subs/boot we couldn’t go for my prefered slot vented design but instead for conventional round ports, but a bit of work with the design software showed this would work just as well-Darren certainly thought so when he heard the results. One LOUD but TUNEFUL car, he just needs to sort his door speakers out and get them amped and he’ll be in audio nirvana!

nov18th 007

As you can see this custom built enclosure was a perfect fit and still left some space for shopping!

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