Picking the right speakers for you


directional sound1

Like an old man straining to hear the television we often find ourselves tilting our head towards a speaker in order to hear all the nuances of whatever sound you’re pumping through them. Unless, of course, it’s Bieber – in which case we’re tilting our hand for the off button.

Some car manufacturers have tried to solve this problem, usually by mounting separate tweeters on the dash or further up the door, but not everyone has this option (and not all cars put the tweeters anywhere useful *cough* Renault *cough*.) For those of you with well-placed tweeter mountings you can look at a set of good component speakers, the higher build quality of the speakers and crossovers will greatly improve your audio experience.

For those less fortunate, without separate tweeter mountings, you have to be more careful in your speaker choices. Not all hope is lost, however, as certain speakers come with directional tweeter mountings. The main issue with 2-way or higher speakers is that the tweeter sticks straight out ahead of the cone, which usually means the sound is being pointed part way up your leg. While a calf may appreciate your music, your calf doesn’t have ears (I know, farmyard puns are bad and I should feel bad – but it’s really the best I’ve got.)

Directional tweeters help to solve this issue by allowing you to adjust their position on the cone, and therefore angle the sound in a way where it might actually be useful. I’m sure all your lady friends will agree, sometimes it’s more about how you use your equipment and not the size of it. An extra inch may help, but not if you don’t know where you’re putting it.

You can find a range of speakers with directional tweeters here

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