Question: Can you fit 2x Alpine SWR-1242D`s in my BMW Mini? Ans: Yes!


BMW Mini Intsall of the Juice JA1800D and Alpine SWR-1242D at the Car Audio centre Birmingham

Isaac came down to Car Audio Centre Birmingham with a desire for big bass from a small space: the boot of a Mini Cooper S. He’d been down to various car stero shops, they’d taken out a double 12″ box, tried it in the boot and said “No, not possible, you can fit a double 10″ in there”

Fortunately Isaac didn’t give up and came in to see us. I have a Mini myself and thought it’d be possible-just-so started designing a box for him. I use specialist software that allows me to input the Thiele Small specifications (a speakers equivalent to arm/shoulder/chest/waist measurements) and properly design a box-the programme produces graphs showing the output and how it affected by changes in the box design.

Isaac had already chosen the Juice JA1800d to drive the Alpine SWR-1242D which was lucky as it was the only amp we did with enough grunt to do th job and a small enough chasis to fit it on top of the box, below the parcel shelf. The fit is so good that you can’t even see the amp under the the parcel shelf!


A tight fit, but for maximum bass without losing the back seats this is the solution!


Close up of the boot showing there’s still room to access the orignal CD changer!

Equipment used:

SWR-1242 x2

Custom Box


4g wiring



Car Audio Centre Birmingham 0121 459 3131

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