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Accident cameraDash Cam In Car Cameras

Car camera recorders and accident cameras can have many benefits, to monitor driving, to record accidents and to prevent fraud and corruption.

With car accidents on a rise, a dash camera would be the perfect bit of equipment to have handy in the car – especially if you are accident-prone!

Having a recording of a road crash can prove to be a great eyewitness and proof of exactly what had happened before, during and after the crash. With car insurance frauds being played out more than ever now, it would be good to be on the safe side so that you have substantial amount of proof to support your claim in the court of law – if the situation where to occur.

The car camera recorder could especially be beneficial for truck drivers who are often unfairly blamed for car accidents. They could help prove causes of accidents like lane hogging, tailgating, drink drivers and others.

Here is a quick summary of how a car camera recorder can help you if you are involved in a car accident:

  • To prove you are innocent when in a car accident is the main reason people get a car camera recorder. Considering how hard it is for an insurance company to work out who’s in the right and who is in the wrong – the recorder can play back the scenario and be given as evidence of your innocence.
  • Catch and fight fraudsters who purposely cause crashes to claim and receive money from the other party by blaming them. These fraudsters make thousands out of people by faking injuries and claiming off insurances. You never know who these people are, so these cameras help catch them in action.
  • For those who rent out their cars, or give out cars for others to use, for example: for business use – the driver can be monitored. You will have a good idea about the driver’s behavior and some car recorders also have GPS that will provide the route and speed travelled. This can be a great way to make sure your drivers are travelling responsibly and on the right route.
  • The recorder can be used to record bad, irresponsible drivers to authorities. You can record and report any dangerous or disorderly drivers so that the roads can be kept safe for all.
  • The cameras can also be used to capture scenic views and memories. You can use it to record family moments, times with friends, the adventures you go on and anything you want to capture and watch back on.

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The NextBase NBDVR101 Dash Cam which was voted the best budget dash cam by Driving.co.uk and is a best seller.

The NextBase NBDVR202 Dash Cam features a 2.7″ screen with DVR recorder for extra visibility.

The NextBase NBDVR312GW Dash Cam was voted the SunMotors overall winner and is another popular model with a wide range of features.


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