Roof Mounted Monitors: Are We There Yet?


Who likes to travel? No, I mean like really travel, you know – road trips, camping, travelling overseas by car, the long journeys that are filled with memories of laughter, quarrels and debates.Roof Mount Screen

You could be travelling by yourself, with the family or with the spouse but there is one other thing that should always be with you.


For the short journeys in our day-to-day lives, the car stereo systems in our cars are more than enough to keep us entertained and occupied. But, for the longer journeys, we may need a little more.

Roof mounted monitors are very popular amongst families. They offer first class entertainment – almost as if you are in an airplane. They keep the kids busy and they make the journey more exciting and less mundane for anyone that uses the monitor to its full potential.

The DVD player allows you to watch your favorite movies, it adds hours of entertainment to your trip and you also have the option to connect various other sources via the AUX input.

If want your passengers to be a little more active and engaged during the trip, why not play some games? Some of the roof mounts like this one include a gameport on the faceplate for convenient game hookup.

You also do not have to worry about missing out of your favourite TV shows, as the monitors will give you the option to watch TV. You can also get Freeview with a digital TV tuner add on module.

Why not put home movies and videos on a USB or SD card and watch them back as you travel together, watching back on old memories while creating new ones. Maybe it is time for some emotional bonding?

In-car entertainment is more widely being used; it is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones!

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