Skoda Octavia Dynaudio + heavy bass system


Alex is a long time customer and recently bought a new Skoda Octavia VRS so we transferred his Dynaudio components and In Phase amplifiers/box from his old BMW 3er compact to the Octavia.

The Dynaudio components are run actively (without passive crossovers) to take benefit of the full processing power of his Pioneer DEH-P88RSII stereo, which offers auto EQ and Time Alignment for the ultimate in sound quality.

He’s running two IPX1200 amplifiers, one for mids and the other for his tweeters so the stereo can actively manage the crossover frequency/slope, phase and Time alignment for each driver individually-making it possible to alter the firing of each speaker so the sound from each driver arrives at the listener’s ears at the same time. The stereo’s 16 band (L/R independant) EQ allows for very fine adjustment to truely tailor the sound and can do this automatically or be adjusted to taste.

Alex originally started out with 1x In Phase PR210 enclosure, but as he is a bit of a “bass head” he decided he wanted more so up-graded from the IPX2400 amp he had been using for bass duties to the IPA2001D-200wrms of grunt and added another PR210!

The install went smoothly, but unfortunately I was busy and unable to document it all on camera, retaining the factory look by fitting the drivers in the stock locations. The midbass are in a very poor location-just by your behind (I’ve never found one with ears!) but fortunately the DEH-P88RSII’s processor manage to make the best of the drivers in even this awful location.

Here’s a pic of the boot install, we created a false floor to house the amplifiers under and mounted the subs ontop of this:

2x PR210, false floor, IPC2.4N

2x PR210, false floor, IPC2.4N

This system really surpassed our expectations, due to the poor location of the midbass drivers I really thought Alex would have to go back to a passive installation and add the Dynaudio MD142 and crossovers, but this install has put a huge smile on Alex’s face and I’m sure it will continue to do so for years to come!

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