Sound the Alarm: Preventing Car Theft and Break-Ins


Thieves are always looking for opportunities.

Car criminals can be smart and strategic, they know exactly what they want to steal; they are vigilant and will wait for the right opportunity to steal from their targeted car.


Criminals are usually attracted to certain manufacturers, for example Japanese cars. A car that is manufactured in Japan has less security before it is imported to the UK – this is truer for the older cars before immobilisers became compulsory in 1998, making it easier to break into.On one hand, you have thieves breaking into old cars because it is easy and then you have cars that are popular in International markets stolen, because they can be sold to International buyers at high prices.

Fortunately, car theft offences in England and Wales have reduced over the years. Reports from the ONS show that since the mid-1990s the “rate of reduction in vehicle offences…has been striking” – this is due to improvements in vehicle security.

But, if it is not cars they are stealing, thieves will keep an eye out for anything valuable that can be found in your car. The increase in technology means we are spending money on loads of car equipment; car stereos, MP3’s, iPod’s, laptops, tablets, navigation systems – anything that can be sold for good money!

So, we have listed a few things you should do to avoid being a target.

  • Hide your belongings

As mentioned before, thieves are vigilant – they will be ‘hanging out’ in car parking lots watching you park and putting your things away. You could try putting everything away safely before you get to the destination and avoid the risk of being ‘watched’. Make sure you keep your car clear and empty as much as you can. An empty bag could be enough for a thief to think there is something in the bag – even if there is nothing there! Don’t risk your car being broken into – because you will be responsible to pay for the repairs and fix any damages!

  • Don’t forget to put away accessories

Even if you have slid your car stereo under the car seats, and thrown the sat-nav into the glove box – you could still be a target! Accessories such as: aux cables, iPod adapters, chargers, plugs, adapters, navigation system suction caps for windshields can all be an indication of something more valuable in your car. Put anything that is associated with an expensive device away so that nothing is left to the criminal’s imagination!

  • Don’t park in excluded, dark areas

If you can help it, avoid these kinds of places. Areas that are well-lit and cars that are parked in a busy area, or with loads of other cars will lessen your chance of break-in. Thieves will rarely operate in well lit areas where people are coming and going constantly.

  • Saving the best till last!

Some situations can not be avoided, like parking in a car park, where the lighting is not as bright, cars are crowding and thieves can act like they are the owners. So it may be that you want to be extra careful and you want to make sure that your chances of being a target are absolute minimal to nothing at all. In this case it is recommended that you invest in an alarm system for the car.

Car alarms are the best way to give yourself and your car security. There are different types of features that car alarms can offer, some are sensitive to glass breaking and some can track your car if it is stolen.

Car Audio Centre can give you advice on the best car alarm for you, they can also advise you on the car installation process so please feel free to get in touch!

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