Suzuki Swift + SXT 6.1C + XTB10A


Mohammed had already been down to the Birmingham store and upgraded his factory stereo to the JVC KW-NT1 Navigation System and despite the obvious improvement in sound still wanted more from his front speakers and needed a serious bass injection.

The doors on the Swift are pretty shallow, just over 2.5″ of mounting depth before you hit the glass, so we needed some slim speakers to get the ball rolling. The Inphase SXT6.1c fit the bill and the decision was quickly made. Their lightweight kevlar cones are extremely rigid, lowering distortion, their chrome phase plugs ensure phase coherence throught their range and most importantly the Neodymium magnet, 50x more powerful weight for weight then ferrite, is very compact allowing fitting to the tightest tollerances.

Unfortunately it’s not only the doors suffering from space issues-the boot is pretty small too. Mohammed wanted a full and deep bass, but still wanted some boot space left for shopping so the Inphase XTB10A was chosen. For their output these subs are very compact and the built in amp saves more space as you don’t have to mount a separate one. With 1200w to play with these little brutes deliver smiles every time!

nov18th 004

Sud getting the SXT6.1c’s fitted

nov18th 006

XTB10A and some boot space still left over!

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