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Underseat Subwoofer VS Boot Subwoofer


It’s the battle of the woofers!  Sound, bass, quality – they are all important factors for music lovers. And enthusiasts. So, it only makes sense to have the best, and only the best subwoofers implanted somewhere in your car. But where do you put it, under the seat or in the boot? The Battle Subwoofer drivers are used to augment… Read more »

Mercedes C Class has a Full Audio overhaul by In Phase IPA-1601 and IPA-1041


Mercedes C Class has a Full Audio overhaul by In Phase IPA-1601 and IPA-1041 If you want to have a world class audio system you have to do it properly and cut no corners, and of course go for In Phase, These amplifers really bring the car audio to life, Running a Full DB Audio Speaker setup the In Phase… Read more »

WHAT A BEAST!!!! VW MK4 Golf ops for the BIG BASS option.


VW MK4 Golf gets the bass its wants and loads more !!!! A very good customer of the Car Audio Centre Nottingham had just recently finshed his show winning Volkswagen Golf MK4, After years of custom with darrel he decided he couldnt resist the temptation for more bass any longer. after having only In Phase in the past he decided… Read more »

New in at the Car Audio Centre, Helix PP20 DSP Factory Amplifer


Helix PP20-DSP Factory Add on Amplifier 5-Channel Key Features: Extremely compact Plug and play installation Immense sound quality improvement thanks to more power and sophisticated DSP technology Perfectly matched subwoofer upgrade available European-built using the highest specification components Amplifier Features: 56-bit DSP technology based on today’s most advanced chip sets. BurrBrown A/D and D/A converters Vehicle-specific set-up profiles – 2,500… Read more »

Peugeot 206 Quicksilver at the Car Audio Centre gets a splash of Pink


Car Audio Centre Nottingham Here’s an install we did on a Peugeot 206 Quicksilver, As its a girls car we went with the whole pink inphase install. with a clever use of the new led audi running lights (DRL1) Parts Used INPHASE XTP693ND INPHASE IP1204 INPHASE XTP10 x2 INPHASE XTP62ND INPHASE IP42PS WIRING KIT

Juice D212 Double 12″ Active Subwoofer Enclosure Arrives in Stock


The Outstanding Juice D212 has now arrived at the Car Audio Centre After the Massive success of the Juice A12 Active 12″ Subwoofer enclosure Juice Have decided to release the all new Juice d212 Double, YES Double 12″ Subwoofer Active enclosure. Packing a massive 2400watts output its sure to Pack a Punch and with a very reasonable price tag its… Read more »

In Phase launched limtied edition amplifier


Not for the faint hearted, if you need POWER DRIVE then continue to read…….. In Phase are proud to announce the launch of the Limited Edition POWER DRIVE 5000. In Phase have spent years researching and developing the ultimate solution for POWER and PERFORMANCE. Introducing to the world “The In Phase Power Drive 5000” Producing an awesome true 5700w RMS… Read more »

Check out the Juice A12, its just got better.


This year’s most popular car audio product the juice A12 has recently got better!!! The product designed by Juice UK has been the most popular product in the car audio world, with over 10,000 units sold in just over 8 months. The new Improved version is now 1200watts, made from a higher grade of Marine grade MDF, has internal amplifier… Read more »