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New Pioneer Navigation Headunits!


More Units?! Luckily, Pioneer haven’t release these units to go with the current line up. The AVIC-Z730DAB, AVIC-Z830DAB and AVIC-Z930DAB units on the way are replacing the outgoing AVIC-Z720DAB, AVIC-Z820DAB and AVIC-Z920DAB. The new units aren’t much different from the current range, only that the internal components will feature newer technology so you can expect a more responsive unit. The… Read more »

Mazda 6 with a Pioneer installation of the AVIC-F930BT Nav Sat Double Din System


Mazda 6 with a Pioneer installation of the AVIC-F930BT Nav Sat Double Din System Pioneer AVIC-F930BT is one of the trickest units on the market and for a very very reasonable price, this pioneer was installed into a Mazda 6  and using the right adapters fitted a treat and looks very smart indeed,    

Pioneer AVIC-F10BT up-grade in a Porsche Cayenne with Alpine TME-680 Headrest monitors


Car Audio Centre Birmingham Install of Pioneer AVIC-F10BT and Alpine TME-680 Headrest monitor into a Porsche Cayenne This gentleman required a new navigation system after his Porsche Navigation unit packed in, he’d seen the Pioneer AVIC-F10BT and after going through the features with him it was decided to be the best choice. As the Porsche had their Navigation system fitted… Read more »

Pioneer issues firmware update for screwy AVIC F-Series navigators


Just over a month after the internet got all fired up about the problematic AVIC F-Series navigators, Pioneer has come to the rescue (we hope, anyway) with a free firmware update. Aimed specifically at the AVIC-F900BT and AVIC-F700BT, the update will reportedly “improve overall system performance and resolve certain software issues.” The outfit also notes that the AVIC-F500BT doesn’t need… Read more »