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The Idiot’s Guide to In-Car Speakers and Amps


Installing in-car speakers and amps can sound intimidating and although it may seem complicated, it isn’t! With a basic understanding of what you need to do you can install your equipment yourself. In order to complete the project, you will need a wrench, power cable, fuse, speaker cables and RCA cable. Now, here’s what to do … Step 1: Disconnect… Read more »

A novice’s guide to in-car amplifiers


Chances are that you have an in-car stereo that you are perfectly happy with. It sounds ok and allows you to play your favourite CDs or MP3 Files. The reception on Radio 2 could perhaps be better in remote locations but, all in all, you have no complaints. The truth however is that your car stereo probably doesn’t sound as… Read more »

How many channels does a car amplifier actually need?


Car amplifiers are the driving force behind any in-vehicle sound system as they process the sound and send the audio signals to the speakers. This means that the quality of sound you ultimately hear starts with the amp and the overall sound clarity, bass response, top end quality and potential volume output of a car’s audio system depends very much… Read more »

From gentle bark to deep woof: How to choose the right subwoofer for your car


Cars and music just work together. From putting restive children in a more parent-friendly mood to providing an opportunity to recreate that scene from Wayne’s World, music while driving feels right. Naturally, getting the most from your music collection requires speakers that are up to the task. What follows is a guide to finding the right version of a key… Read more »

New in at the Car Audio Centre, Helix PP20 DSP Factory Amplifer


Helix PP20-DSP Factory Add on Amplifier 5-Channel Key Features: Extremely compact Plug and play installation Immense sound quality improvement thanks to more power and sophisticated DSP technology Perfectly matched subwoofer upgrade available European-built using the highest specification components Amplifier Features: 56-bit DSP technology based on today’s most advanced chip sets. BurrBrown A/D and D/A converters Vehicle-specific set-up profiles – 2,500… Read more »

In Phase launched limtied edition amplifier


Not for the faint hearted, if you need POWER DRIVE then continue to read…….. In Phase are proud to announce the launch of the Limited Edition POWER DRIVE 5000. In Phase have spent years researching and developing the ultimate solution for POWER and PERFORMANCE. Introducing to the world “The In Phase Power Drive 5000” Producing an awesome true 5700w RMS… Read more »

Bang & Olufsen bring the new Audi Q5 to life…


Bang & Olufsen have built & designed a top quality sound system for the brand new Audi Q5, the critically acclaimed Bang & Olufsen Sound System boasts massive spec & a sound quality to match even the most customised SQ setup out there. Features include: 14 loudspeakers, 10 amplifier channels and a total output power of more than 500 watts,… Read more »