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The wonders of a radio cassette CD player


Cassette player? You must be thinking we’ve gone bonkers here at Car Audio Centre. But, you’re either here because you are also one of the many people that still like to have the option to play your old cassettes or you’re here because – you’re curious. Either way, we’re taking it back old school! Jump on board and I’ll share… Read more »

Speak up! 5 signs your car needs new speakers


Whether they’ve blown out, degraded over time or you simply want to upgrade your system, changing your car speakers can be one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your car audio. Here are five signs that it’s time to change your speakers: 1. The sound quality isn’t good enough to start with  Unless you have a new… Read more »

Portable sat navs vs. Fixed sat navs


As the advancements in modern technology continue to impress and amaze, it’s sometimes easy to forget what a revolutionary piece of kit the satellite navigation system has been. Sat navs, or GPS systems as they are sometimes referred to, have taken the stress out of driving to unknown territories whilst rendering the map obsolete. Aside from the basic purpose of… Read more »

What is Double DIN car stereo?


We’ve realised that many people are unaware of what a double DIN car stereo system and a single DIN system is. So, we decided to give you guys a little background on the world of DIN. DIN stands for Deutsches Institut für, which is an acronym adoption of the German standards organisation. It was used to define the standard size… Read more »

Nissan 350Z Nismo GT Spec, Has a custom box enclosure for a perfect fit.


Nissan 350Z Nismo GT Spec, Has a custom box enclosure for a perfect fit. Gareth is a frequent customer to the Car Audio Centre in Manchester, He recently purchased a Nissan 350Z and needed a little bit more bass then the original BOSE system produced but didnt just want a generic box plonked in the boot, moving around and looking… Read more »