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How To Save Fuel – Economy Tips For All Drivers

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Driving Tips To Save Money MINIMISE YOUR VEHICLE USE: vehicles are least fuel efficient and most polluting at the start of trips and on short trips. One reason for this is that catalytic converters (which reduce air pollution emissions) do not operate properly until they have warmed up. Trips of less than five kilometres generally do not allow the engine… Read more »

The idiot’s guide to using Bluetooth in conjunction with the car


The use of Bluetooth in a vehicle to aid communication is becoming commonplace, but yet it is by no means considered a simplistic device to use. However, many are relatively simple to set up and combine via a car stereo while others are custom-built, especially for use in vehicles. Most smartphones now have Bluetooth capabilities, meaning drivers can use their… Read more »

Car Audio Centre Leicester In Phase install into Vauxhall Corsa D SXi


Nice tidy In Phase install into a Vauxhall Corsa D at Car Audio Centre Leicester Chris came to the store after havin a very expensive qoute by another car audio store in Leicester (not going to  name and shame) off over £1000, Along came Car Audio Centre Leicester. His aim was very simple, a nice tidy mature install to compliment… Read more »