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R56 Mini Cooper S Up-Grade


Keith called my shop on Monday afternoon wanting a quick boost to the sound system in his wife’s Mini Cooper S. The car was fitted as standard with Mini’s Boost Audio system, which unfortunately is pretty poor-what the “Boost” refers to is anyone’s guess! They’d had the car for just a week and weren’t keen on changing the styling of the… Read more »

DB Audio Trex6.1c 150 Watts component speakers Customer Review


DB Audio T-Rex6.2C 150 Watts component speakers Click Image To Enlarge DB Audio TRex6.2C 6 customer reviews / write a review 6 review(s) found review Best speakers I’ve ever owned 5/12/2010 5:30:42 AM rating: review by: Steve Whitby I had these fitted at the Car Audio Centre in Birmingham into my 1989 Mazda MX5. They’re running passively off an Inphase… Read more »

Honda Civic Type R SQ System In Phase PR10 and Kenwood KAC-X4D


Neil came into the shop with a definite idea of how he wanted his car to sound-a LOT, LOT better! Fortunately he already knew the basics of a good car audio system and that 80% of how it sounds is down to how it is fitted so he’d already budgeted for sound deadening the doors and high quality cables. £120.00… Read more »