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Honda Civic Type R SQ System In Phase PR10 and Kenwood KAC-X4D


Neil came into the shop with a definite idea of how he wanted his car to sound-a LOT, LOT better! Fortunately he already knew the basics of a good car audio system and that 80% of how it sounds is down to how it is fitted so he’d already budgeted for sound deadening the doors and high quality cables. £120.00… Read more »

137.6dB with Trex 12″ and IPA2001D


One of our customers just sent in this pic of his A3 into which he’d fitted a 12″ DB Audio TREX and and Inphase IPA2001d, picture of it installed below. The 2nd picture shows the results the package achieved on a professional SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meter.   Sub wasn’t run in and amp still had room to give more-so this WILL… Read more »