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Skoda Octavia Dynaudio + heavy bass system


Alex is a long time customer and recently bought a new Skoda Octavia VRS┬áso we transferred his Dynaudio components and In Phase amplifiers/box from his old BMW 3er compact to the Octavia. The Dynaudio components are run actively (without passive crossovers) to take benefit of the full processing power of his Pioneer DEH-P88RSII stereo, which offers auto EQ and Time… Read more »

They came, we saw, we listened:


Mike from Dynaudio UK came up to our Nottingham head office yesterday to introduce us to Dynaduio-this was much apreciated as he had to speand over 2.5 hrs travelling up and the same back down ON HIS DAY OFF! Just show’s their commitment:) He gave us a very interesting talk and also demonstrated some of Dynaudio’s “entry level” home audio… Read more »