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Google Maps Navigations brings FREE sat-nav to Android phones


Google has just announced the inclusion of Google Maps Navigation for the next version of Android mobile phone OS. It’s Google sat nav for your Android phone, and it looks pretty mind blowing. Unlike existing sat nav applications like TomTom which can easily cost you £60 or more. This bad boy is FREE. Google Maps Navigation is an internet-connected GPS… Read more »

Alpine’s new NVE-M300 navigation black box


Alpine has finally delivered a sleek, fully compatible GPS navigation solution for the head unit. The altogether simplistic NVE-M300 GPS Navigation Drive is a simple black box that measures just barely more than 4- x 4- x 1-inches and is designed to interface with the company’s top two selling in-dash AV head units: the iXA-W404 (4.3-inch display) and the IVA-W505… Read more »

Mio’s Knight Rider GPS now shipping to the hardcore fans


Anybody can say they’re going to shell out for a Knight Rider GPS pre-order, but when the house party dies down and everyone peaces out, who actually keeps that order alive? For you, dedicated K.I.T.T. fan, your moment in the sun has arrived, as Mio’s legendary Knight Rider GPS is finally shipping within one to two business days. William Daniels… Read more »