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A Guide to Headphones


While people spend a great deal of time and money choosing the perfect music playing device, far less thought is given to choosing a pair of headphones. However, as people spend more and more time on the go, headphones are becoming increasingly important. At Car Audio Centre, we offer a wide range of headphones to suit all tastes. Here is… Read more »

Tips to protect your hearing while driving


Cars have given us some of the most recognisable sounds known to people. The rich, fat burble of an idling exhaust on a supercar. The vroom everyone made as a child discovering the Doppler Effect. Or, if you’re unlucky, the coughing fit and possible explosion that tells you it might be time to visit a garage. All these, and many… Read more »

Skullcandy Has Arived at the Car Audio Centre !!!!


Car Audio Centre and Skullcandy Car Audio centre is now the Largest Stockist of the Notorious Skullcandy Headphones, Holding the full range in stock we can cater for each of the customers styles and individual flare Skullcandy will be arriving in your local Car Audio Centre NOW so dont delay and take a trip down and find a pair to… Read more »