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Mondeo + 2 x AW1500V + IPA2001D= Ringing Ears!


Darren came down to the Birmingham store after a subwoofer solution for his Mondeo hatch back and he wanted something BIG! A quick chat about equipment and it was apparent Darren wanted to really move some air, but was on a tightish budget. Fortunately we’d got the AW1500V’s on offer, £100.00 each for 800wrms 15″ with 4ohmDVC, so £200.00 for… Read more »



ORIGINAL LOOK UPGRADES FROM IN PHASE !!!! In Phase have released their Original Look offering for the VW / Ford range of cars. This unit has the same fitting as the original VW / Ford car stereos but with all the added benefits of an In Phase touch! The steering and display controls work exactly the same as the original… Read more »